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Enhancing Udemy for Business with Nuvepro's Labs

Measurement of Skills

Challenges that the Organizations face

Udemy courses, while valuable, lack hands-on labs and structured learning paths, hindering practical skill development.

Designing a comprehensive skilling course covering multiple Azure technologies can be challenging.

A skills gap in contemporary technologies highlights the essential need for an effective and targeted training solution.

Balancing a custom training's complexity with cost-effectiveness and scalability was a significant hurdle.

How can Nuvepro’s collaboration with the organizations help in bridging the skills gap?

Empower your teams with project excellence skills to conquer high-impact projects.

Lab Build Process

Nuvepro facilitates the identification of relevant courses for labs, reviews course solutions, and collaborates on designing and configuring lab courses for client approval. The streamlined process ensures efficient course publication for users.

Lab Course Development

Nuvepro customizes lab courses, integrating hands-on labs, guided project labs, and assessments covering 12 to 15 test cases. This tailored approach ensures a holistic learning experience for users across various modules.

Lab Course Deliverables

Nuvepro delivers a comprehensive package, including curated lab infrastructure, course navigation guides, lab course guides, and module-wise lab information. This aligns with industry standards, enhancing the overall learning experience for participants.

Pricing Structure

The pricing model is structured into setup and per-user costs. The setup phase covers activities such as course subscription, content review, lab course design, and documentation creation. Per-user costs encompass infrastructure, platform user management, delivery, and support, providing a cost-effective and scalable solution

Benefits with Nuvepro’s collaboration

Skill Bundles covering diverse modules, practical labs, and assessments to foster effective skill development among employees.

Nuvepro adapts courses to meet organizational needs, ensuring content aligns with certification objectives for an optimized learning experience.

Structured Learning Resources including organized documentation, navigation guides and module-wise information.

A one-time setup payment, delivering a cost-effective and scalable training solution tailored to unique organizational requirements.

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