Case Study

Empowering Genpact's Analytics Workforce with On-Demand Learning and Specialized Labs

Genpact is a leading global professional services firm with a large analytics team of approximately 18,000 employees. The team is responsible for business analytics, and industry analytics across various sectors, including insurance, banking, media, and healthcare. To enhance the skills and capabilities of their analytics workforce, Genpact partnered with Nuvepro, to create a dynamic and on-demand learning environment.

Problem Statement

Genpact’s analytics team needed a solution that went beyond traditional training programs and offered on-demand, hands-on practice opportunities. After completing initial training, team members required a sandbox environment where they could continuously upskill themselves and stay updated with the latest industry tools and technologies. Specifically, they needed labs for analytics tools such as Python, AWS, Azure, and Tableau. Moreover, they needed domain-specific use cases to practice their skills effectively.

Challenges Faced by Genpact

  • Lack of On-Demand Practice: After traditional training programs, team members struggled to find immediate practice opportunities, hindering their skill development and retention.
  • Need for Domain-Specific Training: Genpact’s diverse business domains required specialized training environments for different use cases, such as media and healthcare analytics.
  • Complex Ticketing System: The existing ticketing system for lab requests lacked detailed lab descriptions and configurations, leading to inefficiencies in fulfilling specific training needs.

Nuvepro's Solution

Nuvepro collaborated with Genpact to provide a comprehensive solution that addressed these challenges. They created a comprehensive, on-demand learning environment that included the following components:

  • On demand Labs: Nuvepro offered a library of readily available labs, including AWS, Azure, Snowflake, Tableau, R & Python, Primavera, and domain-specific projects. These labs catered to both basic and premium package subscribers, ensuring flexibility and scalability in skill development.
  • Custom Lab Development: For unique business use cases not covered by the existing labs, Nuvepro worked closely with Genpact to develop specialized labs. These labs were tailored to meet the specific requirements of the analytics team, ensuring a more relevant and engaging learning experience.
  • Specialized Domain-Specific Labs
    • Snowflake Lab
    • Tableau Lab
  • Scenario-Based Projects:
    • Netflix Lab : Focuses on analysing content and giving information about viewing patterns
    • CC Fraud Detection Lab : Focuses on credit card fraud detection for 30 days.
    • Analysis of Heart Stroke Lab : Involves the analysis of heart stroke cases for 30 days.
    • Insurance Rate Using Visualization Lab: Centers around insurance rate analysis through visualization for 30 days.
    • Digital Marketing Lab: Offers insights into bank digital marketing for 30 days.
  • Enhanced Subscription Packages: Nuvepro introduced basic and premium subscription packages for AWS/Azure, Tableau, Primavera, and domain-specific labs. Each package came with a specific duration, cloud credits, and access to a range of services.
  • Simplified Ticketing System: Nuvepro improved Genpact’s ticketing system by providing detailed lab descriptions, configurations, and tool availability information. This streamlined the lab request process, making it easier for team members to select the appropriate labs.


On-Demand Skill Development

Genpact’s analytics team now has access to a flexible and on-demand learning environment. Team members can practice and refresh their skills whenever they need, accelerating their professional growth.

Specialized Labs

Domain-specific labs enable team members to gain expertise in particular industries, enhancing their problem-solving abilities.

Efficient Ticketing System

The enhanced ticketing system simplifies the lab request process, ensuring that team members can quickly access the resources they need for skill development.


Nuvepro's partnership with Genpact has provided a valuable solution to enhance the training and skill development of the analytics team. By offering a flexible, on-demand learning environment with specialized labs, Genpact has empowered its employees to continuously upskill and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of analytics. This collaboration demonstrates the importance of dynamic training solutions in fostering professional growth and maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.