Case Study

Celebrating Nuvepro and Kumaraguru Institutions' Proven Success with Innovative Cloud Labs in Emerging Technologies

Nuvepro, a leading cloud-based upskilling solutions provider, collaborated with the Kumaraguru School of Innovation (KSI) and Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) to revolutionise the learning experience for students in emerging technologies. This partnership aimed to deliver accessible, cost-effective cloud-based labs, enriching students’ practical knowledge and optimizing educational resources.

Challenges & Problem Statement

  • Resource Management Complexity: KSI and KCT faced challenges in managing AWS and other cloud account procurement efficiently.

  • Enhancing Experiential Learning: The institutions aimed to streamline innovative learning processes, balancing operational efficiency and budget constraints.

Nuvepro's Solutions

  • Streamlined Cloud Management: Nuvepro assisted in AWS and other cloud account procurement, refining learning processes for enhanced experiential learning.
  • Innovative Learning Environments: Introduced cloud labs with virtual machines, Big Data components, and AWS console access for hands-on experience.
  • Cost-Efficient Resources: Reduced costs by offering a variety of cloud labs at an affordable rate to students.
  • Simplified Compliance & Access: Eased compliance issues associated with software usage, ensuring seamless tool access.
  • Global Accessibility & Latest Tech: Provided global access to labs and enabled experimentation with advanced technologies.
  • Closing Skills Gap: Enabled faculty and students to work on industry-relevant platforms, bridging the skills gap.


Cost Savings & Affordability

Reduced costs for students accessing various cloud labs.

Job Readiness & Industry Alignment

Equipped students with practical skills aligned with industry requirements.

Resource Optimization & Compliance

Reduced demands on college resources and simplified compliance issues.

Global Access & Technological Exposure

Provided global accessibility and exposure to the latest technologies.

Closing Skills Gap & Academic Leadership

Bridged the skills gap and empowered academic leadership.


The collaboration between Nuvepro and Kumaraguru Institutions signifies a groundbreaking shift in academic innovation, leveraging cloud technology to reshape learning approaches and prepare students for a dynamic professional landscape. This partnership showcases the power of collaborative innovation in advancing educational methodologies and enhancing students' preparedness for the future.