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Enabling Better Hiring Decisions

Challenges we address

Resumes and interviews don’t convey real-world capabilities of would-be recruits

Controlled coding environments that measure only DSA capabilities are not enough in the real world

Certifications are not sufficient to evaluate capabilities in Cloud related technologies.

Interviews and coding tests are always individual-focused, not possible to measure an individual’s performance in a group

How can Nuvepro’s hackathons help in recruitments?

Diverse Technology Exposure

Nuvepro’s hackathons can cater to participants in a spectrum of technologies, from Cloud and DevOps to emerging fields like Cyber Security, Blockchain, and AI/ML.

Tracking and Feedback

Nuvepro’s hackathons provide tracking and auto-evaluation, allowing the organization to continuously track progress, evaluate results and map it to the desired skills for the job and projects. Proctoring can be added as an additional feature to track activities of the job seekers.

Industry-Relevant Problem Statements

The hackathons focus on industry-relevant problem statements, ensuring that participants engage with challenges reflective of real-world scenarios which are aligned to practical application.

Benchmarking Future-Role Readiness

Nuvepro’s hackathons offer a powerful tool for measuring the future-role readiness of would-be recruits, enabling organizations to benchmark and place them in projects as per their skills.

Soft Skills measurement:

Participants collaborate in group hackathons. Apart from hard tech skills, measure their soft skills too and ensure that they are a culture fit in the organization.

Measuring all Skills

Nuvepro’s hackathons encourage participants to problem solve, go beyond measuring one abilities to just program or have knowledge about cloud service, instead see how they can understand a problem and then convert it into a solution with no guidance.

Benefits of using Nuvepro’s hackathons for upskilling

Can be made available to job seekers irrespective of geographical limitations

Allows organizations to have a holistic view of all the skill sets of the recruits

Scale from 1 to 50,000 job seekers or more without any challenge

Challenging would-be recruits to deliver solutions within set time frames helps measure their hard tech skills and soft skills.

Support for a wide range of technologies including all the digital ones and even Enterprise Applications like Salesforce, and SAP

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