Case Study

The world's largest payment processor.

The client, the world’s largest payment processor, is dedicated to facilitating digital currency use for consumers, businesses, banks, and governments. As part of their commitment to continuous learning and professional development, the client established an in-house university to upskill and reskill their workforce.

Problem Statement

The client faced challenges in terms of time and costs associated with building hands-on labs for various training programs. Manual intervention was required to set up multiple labs with significant customization, causing inefficiencies and higher expenses.

Challenges Faced

Nuvepro stepped in to address these challenges by providing an experiential platform tailored to diverse training modules across the US, Europe, and APAC regions. The skilling tracks encompassed Java, Big Data, Golang, Full Stack, Datapipeline, and more. Key features of Nuvepro’s solution included:

  • Sandbox Environments: Learners were offered hands-on practice in isolated sandbox environments.
  • Accessibility: Labs were accessible 24X7 from the learners’ exact locations, ensuring flexibility.
  • Course Content: Designed to enhance knowledge in crucial areas of the payment industry, such as dispute resolution, fraud, operations, payment landscape, and portfolio management.
  • Standardized Lab Access: Nuvepro standardized lab access for all types as per the client’s requests, providing predetermined lab hours managed entirely by Nuvepro.


Success Story

The client is extending the experiential learning platform to a wider ecosystem, aligning all learning goals and projects with the exclusive Hands-On Labs.

Strategic Collaboration

Nuvepro continues to collaborate with the client’s knowledge partners in the USA and Canada, mapping defined learning pathways with Hands-On Labs to accelerate workforce readiness.


Nuvepro's hands-on labs have proven instrumental in overcoming the client's challenges, offering a scalable and efficient solution for workforce upskilling and reskilling. The success story and ongoing collaboration underscore the effectiveness of Nuvepro's approach in providing realistic learning and development environments.