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Skilling through Labs

It's Not On if It's Not Hands-On


Bridging the Theoretical-Practical Gap:

Many organizations struggle with aligning theoretical knowledge with practical skills is a persistent challenge.

Scalable and Flexible Learning Environments:

Organizations need solutions that can adapt to different skill levels and learning preferences for the learners.

Security and Data Protection:

Organizations need solutions that implement robust security measures to protect against potential breaches.

Technical Support and Accessibility:

Organizations need solutions that offer responsive technical support to address issues promptly and make learning accessible to all.

Integration with Existing Tools:

Organizations seek platforms that can smoothly integrate with their current infrastructure, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.


Nuvepro, in collaboration with AWS, has developed cutting-edge platform orchestrates and tailors AWS cloud resources for each user, featuring a predefined tech stack with meticulously designed and configured resources. The result is a suite of modularized hands-on labs that facilitate experiential learning across Playgrounds, Projects, and Assessments and Skill Bundles.

Nuvepro, leveraging its strategic partnership with AWS, specifically addresses the challenge of a scarcity of high-quality training opportunities that emphasize project readiness. This unique solution empowers learners by providing access to hands-on training in pre-configured, real-world environment labs.

The deployment of this solution has yielded significant and tangible outcomes for our extensive clientele, demonstrating the effectiveness of Nuvepro’s commitment to addressing the evolving needs of organizations in the realm of upskilling and project-centric training.

The Power of Hands-on Learning


Real-world scenarios to get the learners project-ready

Higher Completion

Engaged learners means better completion


Learning is aligned to Role Paths and Certifications

Central Access

Faculty can monitor all learners centrally


Submissions are auto-graded


Can be done remotely and anytime

Cloud labs for AWS

All bases covered

Nuvepro has a well-defined process to engage with all Stakeholders in a learning journey.This ensures that a common goal of the learner skilling is reached

Growing Catalog

Choose from our extensive catalog of playgrounds, projects, and assessments

No more billing leakage

Continuous monitoring of learning environments reduces chances of billing leakages

Working with Industry experts

Nuvepro regularly engages with experts to ensure skilling is in tandem with Industry needs

End-to-end management

Managed service model with full ownership of the learning environment


Our Lab Offerings

AWS Playground

Discover the power of AWS for yourself without downloading or installing any additional software. The sandbox-like lab playgrounds provide a secure environment to experiment with your own ideas. This hands-on playground lab lets you learn about AWS CloudFormation at your own pace.

AWS Project

Are you looking for some AWS project ideas? You’re in the right place. You can choose a project based on your expertise and interests. Companies are continually looking for talented AWS Developers to create creative AWS projects. So, if you’re a beginner, work on some prominent AWS projects to test your skills and receive career-boosting exposure

AWS Assessments

The AWS online assessment blends technical questions with real-life scenarios. It tests critical thinking, decision-making, and technical proficiency. Solve work-related scenarios that mirror real-life situations. Assessments in real-world situations will help you get hands-on experience and improve your skills while getting certified

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Use Cases

Cloud platform Isolation using AWS Fargate for TCS


Learners grappled with security constraints and limited accessibility, as stringent measures restricted direct AWS access. Compliance concerns added complexity, balancing the need for hands-on learning with regulatory standards. Maintaining network separation for remote execution posed a delicate challenge.


The implementation of Nuvepro’s browser isolation solution has brought about transformative changes for the learners. Improved accessibility now allows learners to securely access AWS labs directly from their offices, effectively overcoming previous restrictions. The cost-efficiency of running the solution in containers, particularly on Fargate, not only ensures a more scalable infrastructure but also contributes to overall savings. Additionally, the adoption of Fargate has significantly enhanced speed, leading to faster spin-up times when compared to traditional VMs.


  • User Engagement: Increase in the usage of AWS labs by the learners.
  • Cost Savings: Containers are cheaper than Virtual Machines.
  • Performance Metrics: Containers boot up faster decreasing the time to access the lab for the learners.

Nuvepro enables upGrad to Empower Students with Next-Generation Cloud Computing Education and Dynamic Assessments

  • Limited hands-on learning and engagement in lab-based modules.
  • Complex assessment preparation impacting success rates.
  • Scalability challenges for diverse learner needs.
  • Security concerns related to resource access.
  • Inefficient platform access routing.


  • Integrated Nuvepro’s AWS labs into upGrad’s content for practical experiences.
  • Implemented custom AWS assessment labs for refined skill development.
  • Leveraged AWS services to efficiently scale labs.
  • Utilized AWS IAM for secure resource access
  • Deployed AWS labs for optimized platform accessibility.


  • 3x Growth in Active Learner Base: The number of active learners across Cloud Computing, logged into the platform, has grown threefold since 2018.
  • Global Skilling Market Capture: With Nuvepro’s support, upGrad aims to capture the global skilling market, aligning with the vision of providing outcome-focused learning.
  • Wider Market Opportunity: The collaboration opens opportunities for Indian talent to receive best-in-class training, enhancing job readiness for current and future roles.

High Performance Scalable WebIDE for Manipal University


Lack of a centralized and user-friendly platform for hands-on programming exercises, inefficient resource utilization, and the absence of an automated system for tracking user activity and managing container instances, leading to potential cost inefficiencies.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The WebIDE solution based on VSCode empowers students with a feature-rich development environment, enhancing the overall learning experience and making it more interactive and practical.
  • Cost Reduction: The automated idleness tracking and container stopping mechanism implemented by Nuvepro contribute to cost reduction. When a user is idle for a predefined period, the system saves user data and halts the container, minimizing unnecessary resource consumption.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: By deploying on Fargate, the solution ensures quick access and flexibility for students. This is particularly valuable in educational settings where diverse programming languages are taught, and students need a responsive environment.


  • Measuring the reduction in infrastructure costs achieved through the efficient use of Fargate and the implemented idleness tracking mechanism.
  • Evaluated the responsiveness and performance of the WebIDE environment, ensuring that it meets the expectations of students and instructors.
  • Assessing the usage of features facilitated by EFS, such as shared file storage to gauge the effectiveness of the platform in fostering teamwork.