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Hands on Labs and Real world projects for GenAI, Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, DevOps, Data Science, Full-Stack Development and 1000+ tech skills.

Hands-on learning

It's learning by doing by solving real-world problems.

Satisfied Client Stories

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At Tech Mahindra, we are focused on supporting the digital transformation journey of our customers across the globe by providing relevant solutions powered by emerging technologies such as cloud. In all this, our tech talent serves as a pillar of support. With our partnership with Nuvepro, we are looking to further strengthen the base by investing in niche skills to build a future-ready talent ecosystem.

Harshvendra Soin

Global Chief People Officer & Head of Marketing at Tech Mahindra
#future-ready talent ecosystem
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At Genpact, one of our key pillars of success has been the sustained investment in the learning and development of our employees to build critical new skills in areas such as digital, data, and analytics that are needed in a changing world. Our collaboration with Nuvepro for their Playground Labs reaffirms our ongoing commitment to build talent for the future and enables them to continue creating value for our clients while building career resilience.

Sreekanth Menon

AI/ML Global Practice Lead, Genpact
#hands-onlearningexperience, #future-ready
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Any learning is incomplete if it is not amply practiced and assessed in a real-world like environment. At TCS, we want our employees to get hands-on experience so they can effectively use that learning to design transformational solutions for our customers' real life business problems. Hand-on labs like the ones Nuvepro helped us rapidly set up, deliver a balanced learning of theory and practice. The scalability and flexibility in setting up a production-like environment and creating challenges and hackathons helps us make learning relevant and impactful. Seamless integration with TCS learning platforms gives our learners a rich learning experience.

Janardhan Santhanam

Global Head, Talent Development at TCS
#future-readytalentecosystem, #hands-onexperience

Our Solutions


Guided Projects

In guided projects, the steps to solve the problem statements are provided to reinforce experiential learning with real-world projects for your workforce development. 


Our Subjective Assessments are competency-based assessments and serve as the final proof of whether your employees/learners are skilled hands-on.


Pre-configured environments (Virtual Machines, Cloud Accounts, etc) with software, tools and policies to meet the training requirements.


SKILL-BUNDLES or learning paths are a collection of Hands-On labs, and real-world projects that help achieve your BUSINESS OUTCOME through hands on learning.

Let’s Build Success Together

We are your trusted Hands-on learning partners, helping your organization build skills that guarantees success.

Industry Segments We Cater To

Nuvepro’s Transformational Role in Experiential learning – Unveiling Our Impact Across These Key Sectors.

Our Methodology - PRIME

Prepare, & Measure

Preparing for a new Skill

Enable learning of a new skill with Hands on labs and real- world projects.

Measuring Skill Readiness

Discover the best approach for Skill assessments by evaluating how learners tackle complex challenges that closely resemble real-world projects in their chosen field.

We Support the

Entire Lifecycle of Software Development


a new application, infrastructure, DevOps pipeline, AI model


an existing application, infrastructure, pipeline by fixing issues/bugs


Add new functionality to an existing application, infrastructure, pipeline

Technologies we Specialize in

Building a Skilled Workforce

We are Enterprise Grade.

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Nuvepro's experiential platform enables TCS employees to assess their Tech Skills

TCS recognized the importance of preparing its employees for the ever-evolving demands of the industry

Tech Mahindra and Nuvepro Join Forces to Prepare Employees for Cloud-Based Projects 

Tech Mahindra faced challenges where their employees lacked project readiness and practical experience with