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Fresher Onboarding

Induction done Right

Reduce the onboarding time for freshers

Challenges we address

Lack of work-like environments that can be provisioned at scale

Skill gap between the university curriculum and the job requirements

Training methods don’t address project execution process.

The problem of zero real-world experience for freshers

Why choose Nuvepro for seamless fresher onboarding?

Comprehensive Skill Assessment

Nuvepro provides subjective assessments to gauge the skill levels of new hires with detailed feedback. These assessments are hands-on and based on real-world problem statements.

They encompass a wide spectrum of technologies, including Cloud, DevOps, Full Stack Development, and emerging fields like Cyber Security, Blockchain, and AI/ML.

Real-world scenarios

Nuvepro’s Skill Bundles include real-world scenarios, enabling candidates to build up a portfolio of projects to showcase their technical expertise and ensuring swift deployment in projects.

Tracking Progress

Activity tracking, short and long-form assessments offer real-time tracking of activities, providing HR and management with a clear understanding of the progress and workforce’s capabilities.

Real-world Project experience

Nuvepro’s training methods address both technical and process aspects. This ensures that the freshers get real-world project experience in a safe environment. This eases their onboarding into customer projects.

Benefits you gain using Nuvepro’s platform

Accelerate the integration of freshers into your teams, increasing their productivity and impact from day one

Make informed project onboarding decisions based on assessment outcomes.

Optimise training investments for increased cost savings.

Close skill gaps, aligning your workforce with industry demands.

Let’s Build Success Together

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