Case Study

Nuvepro enables Tech Mahindra Forge Alliance for Employee Cloud Readiness

Recognizing a critical gap in immediate project preparedness among its workforce, Tech Mahindra partnered with Nuvepro to address this challenge. Nuvepro’s tailored solution, featuring Challenge labs for Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform, aimed to expedite employee readiness for cloud-based projects from day one, fostering seamless integration into project roles.

Problem Statement

Tech Mahindra employees faced a significant impediment: the lack of immediate project readiness to fulfil cloud-based initiatives. This deficit hindered their ability to contribute effectively and promptly to project requirements.

Challenges Faced

  • Gaps in Project Readiness: Employees required swift proficiency for day-one engagement in cloud-based projects.
  • Limited Practical Proficiency: Limited hands-on experience posed challenges in navigating cloud platforms effectively.
  • Impact on Timely Contributions: Employees faced hurdles in making immediate and meaningful contributions due to the skill gap.

Nuvepro's Solution

  • Custom Challenge Labs: Nuvepro’s initiative provided hands-on learning experiences tailored for Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Accelerated Onboarding: Facilitated real-world project exposure to prepare employees for instant project involvement.
  • Diverse Career Pathways: Offered distinct pathways catering to DevOps, Operations, Cloud Solution Architect, and Migration roles.


Rapid Project Readiness

Employees became adept and project-ready from day one, expediting their integration into project roles.

Enhanced Workforce Agility

Hands-on learning led to heightened productivity and proficiency in handling complex cloud-based tasks and projects promptly.


The collaborative effort between Tech Mahindra and Nuvepro successfully addressed the challenge of immediate project preparedness. This initiative ensured that employees were equipped with the necessary skills and readiness to seamlessly transition into cloud-based project roles from the onset, amplifying workforce agility and productivity.