Case Study

Nuvepro enables upGrad in empowering Students with Next-Generation Cloud Computing Education and Dynamic Assessments

Nuvepro, a leading cloud computing solutions provider, has enabled upGrad, a prominent online learning platform. This strategic partnership, initiated in 2018, aims to revolutionize the learning experience for students pursuing cloud computing programs. The collaboration has evolved over the years, showcasing the depth and breadth of the engagement, with a focus on integrating Nuvepro’ s AWS lab into upGrad’s comprehensive content ecosystem.

Problem Statement/Challenges

Initial engagement involved delivering 20 types of labs to 10 teams, indicating challenges in scalability and alignment with evolving requirements.

The complexity of altering or removing labs once integrated into upGrad’s content ecosystem. Growing demands for diverse cloud computing domains and assessments from upGrad’s various business units.

Nuvepro's Solution

  • Integration of AWS Lab: Nuvepro integrated its AWS lab into upGrad’s content ecosystem, providing a seamless learning experience.
  • Scalability: The collaboration shifted focus to a single team within upGrad, emphasizing scalability and a more tailored approach.
  • Diversification: Nuvepro extended expertise beyond AWS, successfully delivering GCP and Azure assessment labs, meeting the growing demands of upGrad.


Seamless Learning Experience

Nuvepro’s labs, aligned with upGrad’s curriculum, became integral, ensuring a seamless learning experience for thousands of users.

Scalability and Adoption

The partnership facilitated approx. 1.2k learners billed monthly, reflecting a threefold increase from 2018-2022.

Expansion Opportunities

Nuvepro’s success in delivering diverse assessments led to an expanded engagement, with the potential for further exploration into cybersecurity and data tracking labs.


The collaboration between Nuvepro and upGrad has not only strengthened over the years but has also led to significant milestones in cloud computing education. Nuvepro's adaptability, expertise, and commitment to enhancing the learning journey have positioned them as a key partner in upGrad's mission to empower students with next-generation cloud computing education and dynamic assessments.