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Welcome to NuveCast

Hello and welcome to Hands-On, a series of insightful conversations with industry leaders on the power of being hands-on when it comes to technology learning. Listen to their real-world experience on how being hands-on can be the answer to several old and new challenges.

Series#1; Episode#4

Demand Trends in the Technology Skills Market

Speaker: Sachin Grover, AVP at StackRoute

Series#1; Episode#3

Measuring the success of technical training

Speaker: Shabarinath KP, SME in L&D at Mphasis

Series#1; Episode#2

Power of practice in learning 

Speaker: Apratım Purakayastha (AP), CTO at Skillsoft

Series#1; Episode#1

Why is practice important in technical education

Speaker: Moytreyee Konwar (Moy), Vice President, upGrad for Business