Collaborating & getting hands-on with partners

It takes more than one organization to bring value to the clients. We take pride in our partners who share our dreams and deliver unbelievable experience to the clients.

Nuvepro is an Advanced Technology Partner and a Training Partner of AWS. With its training partnership, Nuvepro can deliver the best hands-on learning with world-class digital content from AWS and matching labs and projects from Nuvepro. With its technology partnership, Nuvepro enables EdTechs, enterprises, and higher education institutions to close their IT skills gap with hands-on learning.
Nuvepro is thrilled to announce OT Marketplace as its training partner. Nuvepro will be providing hands-on cloud labs for all the training offered by OT Marketplace, enhancing its delivery, and aiming to change the learning pedagogy with the cloud labs enriching the learners’ experiences.
Mentorskool augments the training programs by designing & delivering highly engaging learning experiences for learners. With our learner-driven, projects-first, and mentor-guided approach, we strive to put the learners in the driving seat of projects from Day-1. With learning becoming more active, collaborative, and real-time, people get faster returns on their time invested. Our strategic partnership with Nuvepro would help us deliver the best experiential learning via ready-to-serve lab environments aligned to the goals of a learning program.
Udemy for Business helps global organizations accelerate digital transformation initiatives as a strategic learning partner. We are committed to helping companies reach their business objectives by providing relevant and impactful professional and personal development for their workforce. With 5,500+ courses on the most in-demand, freshest content on technical and business skills, Udemy for Business is your strategy partner to drive the business outcomes that matter.
We are delighted to announce our partnership with Microsoft in bringing new-age hands-on labs for our corporate, education, trainer, and online learning platforms.

As a partner of choice for Microsoft, this is a new milestone for us to change the way technology learning is designed and consumed.