Case Study

Nuvepro's experiential platform enables TCS employees to assess their Tech Skills Overview

In response to the industry’s evolving demands, TCS aimed to prepare its workforce effectively. The challenge lay in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application. To meet this challenge, TCS collaborated with Nuvepro, a provider of hands-on labs. Leveraging Nuvepro’s solution, TCS created a learning environment that harmonized theory and practice, fostering engagement and readiness for real-world projects. 

Problem Statement

The primary challenge for TCS was to synchronize employees’ theoretical knowledge with practical skills essential for meeting industry demands. Bridging this gap was crucial to ensure employees could effectively apply their learning in real-world scenarios.

Challenges addressed

  • Disparity between theoretical understanding and practical application among employees.
  • Preparing employees to meet the rapidly evolving industry requirements.
  • Establishing an engaging learning environment conducive to practical skill development.


  • Nuvepro Partnership: Collaborated to create a balanced learning ecosystem.
  • Production-like Environments: Setup to simulate real-world scenarios for practical experience.
  • Incorporation of Challenges and Hackathons: Engaging methodologies to enhance hands-on skills.

Nuvepro's Services Used

AWS Beginner

AWS Big Data

AWS Challenge Labs

AWS DevOps Labs



The collaboration between TCS and Nuvepro not only addressed the challenge of skill disparity but also significantly improved employee readiness for real-world projects. The enthusiastic response from TCS's workforce and the tangible enhancements in project contributions, skills development, and workforce efficiency validate the success and efficacy of Nuvepro's hands-on labs in augmenting TCS's workforce capabilities.