The touchy stories of the tech team promotions busted with hands-on Labs


Promotions have always been a touchy topic irrespective of the years we’ve spent in a corporate. This is true especially when we talk about a technical role. Here’s a short story of Raghav and his frustration over the way promotions are done in his organization.

Raghav, a 25-year-old DevOps engineer, had a great year, displayed a good understanding of client requirements and performed well when it came to project execution. This made him feel that he’s ready for the next level and hence the promotion. However, all of these were Raghav’s thoughts but the manager thought otherwise. Raghav was asked to wait another year by his manager and to upskill his technical knowledge.

Raghav was frustrated and felt promotions were not handled fairly and his technical expertise was undermined. The manager became unhappy with Raghav’s protest and the HR was not sure if they were handling the promotion assessment correctly. Call it the failure of the engineering manager or the HR team or Raghav, but he wasn’t the one who got promoted.

Behind the scenes in employee promotions: What happened? 

The employee promotion here became a matter of subjective assessment rather than a practical one. While the manager was within rights to assess the subjective aspects, such as teamwork, integrity, and alignment with values, the technical skills needed to be assessed differently.

Which promotion tools are used in your organization to keep the employee promotions objective?

How does hands-on lab work as an employee promotion tool?

Technical managers, supervisors, and the HR team may have to work together to find the most appropriate methods of analysis. After all, decisions are based on hard facts and evidence, not the personal judgment of one person or a team.

Hands-on labs bring objectivity in the organization by allowing an employee to display the complete technical skillset. It helps the technical managers and the HR to practically assess the critical aspects, such as understanding of the business value, technology expertise, code reusability, ability to handle fire situations, SLA management, team dynamics, lead time, adherence to process and speed of learning.

Contact our team to identify the right employees through objective skill assessment using cloud-based hands-on labs.

How do hands-on labs work?

Hands-on labs help you with four things:

  • Creates an assessment by defining a real-world problem statement that is relevant to the skill-set and organizational goals.
  • Configures a real-world environment for the employee to design and develop a solution.
  • Monitors the employee’s activity while he solves the given challenge.
  • Helps the technical manager to do an objective and transparent assessment of the employee’s technical skill.

The job benchmarking tool will improve the quality of employee promotions in your organization. Challenge Labs is one of the labs provided by Nuvepro that creates a real-world challenge and environment to assess the skills of an employee who might be the right fit for a promotion.

Hands-on labs make all the software-driven platforms available as cloud-based virtual labs that can be used to assess the skills of an employee during the promotion cycles. Over 250 labs, such as GCP, Azure, AWS, full-stack, Machine learning and DevOps along with the programming labs are available.

Now Raghav and the team know who is to be promoted without creating a fiasco.

Not just that, Raghav is now also excited to take the assessment soon and not wait until the year-end promotion to check his technical expertise.

This helps the HR teams and the technical managers to create more opportunities out of turn and is focused on skill-driven promotions and not on the legacy ideas of promotions.

What are your thoughts on this? Reach out to our team for a quick peek of the hands-on labs.

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