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Workforce Readiness

through Hands-On Learning

Let the learners practice what they learned on real-world and real-work like environments. Here is where the theory meets practice.

Learn well and practice hard

Nuvepro Challenge Labs Supports TCS in Helping Employees Assess their Tech Skills 

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Nuvepro Partners with Mentorskool to Create Project-Ready Workforce. Read More++

Pre-Configured and Ready-to-Use Labs

1000+ Amazing Hands-On Labs 

Nuvepro offers a range of hands-on labs from technology labs to platform labs, OEM licensed version labs to skill labs.


Lab Types


Learners Impacted


Lab Hours


Cost Savings

Hands-On Labs for Immersive and Experiential Learning

Let the learners practice what they learned on real-world and real-work like environments. Here is where the theory meets practice.

Nuvepro Labs


Lab Types


Learning Hours


Learners Impacted


Cost Savings

Many Use-Cases Many Possibilities

Nuvepro Hands-On Labs has over 15 transformational use cases from learning to recruitment to product training to promotions  to sandbox management. 

Hands-On Labs for Enterprise

There’s something in for each department from L&D to HR to Recruitment to the Engineering team. Get Hands-On.

Hands-On Labs for EdTech

Increase your learner engagement with the right blend of learning and hands-on practice. Get Hands-On. 

Hands-On Labs for Universities

Make your students more employable by giving them real-world experience projects. Get Hands-On.

Hands-On Labs for Trainers

Design and deliver a comprehensive training program of your own and build a personal brand. Get Hands-On.

Hands-On Labs for Recruiters

Get more qualified resumes and improve the conversion rates by pre-assessing the candidates. Get Hands-On.

Hands-On Labs for K12

Design and deliver ready-to-use technology courses based on the NEP recommendations. Get Hands-On.

Type of Hands-On Labs

We have varied types of labs for your diverse needs. Self-led learning or instructor-led or hackathons, we got you covered. 

Playground Labs

Guided Labs

Challenge Labs

Custom Labs

Playground Labs

  • Applicable to learners who are in an Instructor-led Training (ILT) course
  • Activities in the lab are defined by the instructor or content owner
  • Nuvepro will provide pre-configured labs with all the tools and packages as per the course

Guided Labs

  • Applicable to learners who are going through a self-paced learning
  • Course content can be in the form of a video from any MOOC provider
  • Labs are pre-configured to match the course requirements along with video guides

Challenge Labs

  • Applicable to learners who are solving a challenge, such as an assessment or a hackathon
  • The entry and exit criteria for these challenges need to be defined
  • Nuvepro provides the framework to grade the submissions 

Custom Labs

We will be happy to build you custom labs based on your business needs and goals. Hands-on Labs have wider use cases and they can be used to meaningfully add value to your learners and clients. 

The new norm for upskilling and reskilling the workforce Nuvepro Roundtable

Listen to this passionate discussion among the industry leaders on the new norm of upskilling and re-skilling the workforce in the digital age. The real-world experience of these experts are gems of insights that can steer your skilling agenda towards an even more successful direction. 

Nuvepro Webinar

Top Left: Anil Santhapuri, Director of L&D at CGI

Top Right: Janardhan Santhanam, Global Head Talent Development at TCS

Bottom Left: Dr Acharya K.N.S, Director – Global Engineering Academy L&T Technology Services

Bottom Right: Giridhar LV, CEO, Nuvepro

Nuvepro Clients Updated

Our Clients are a mighty thrilled group, and we know you will be too.

When you sign up with Nuvepro, you get a solution built by passionate experts who wake up every morning and think about ways to make learning more exciting and meaningful. 

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Partners carrying our dream of hands-on learning

Our partners play a critical role in bringing the hands-on labs to the millions of learners around the world. The partnerships range from cloud providers to content providers that gives additional powers to our platform. Do checkout our partnership programs. 

Nuvepro Partners

Our Perspective and Thoughts

Learning in the Flow of Work

Learning in the Flow of Work

08 August 2022 15:37 What does this even mean? We always thought that learning was to be done separately from work. Learning is when you stop working and then either tune into a video, step into a classroom, or log into a Zoom call in the current age. But guess what?...

Create any kind of hands-on lab with any technology combination and practice. You’re one step away from the ready-to-go labs.