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As I have learned through my experience in life, nothing good comes easy, and the same is true when it comes to facing our problems head-on. At Nuvepro, we believe that we should take control of our learning journey and act proactively in order to overcome any obstacles we may encounter along the way. In an effort to achieve greatness, let’s embrace this mantra together and empower ourselves in order to achieve it

People learn in a variety of ways; some are visual learners, others are experiential, still, others are innately knowledgeable, and a small percentage will never learn anything new. Our expanding sector requires a talent pool of employees with evolving abilities.  According to recent research, there are job openings requiring medium-to-high-level skills but not enough qualified applicants to fill them. And while the world of startups is contributing a major part to the development of solutions to this skills challenge, the largest organizations in the country are also playing a significant part in the development of solutions.

And when you move a network to the cloud, like we are doing, you need people with certain skills to make it happen. However, we are only going to be able to keep up with that pace if we assist our workforce in acquiring the skills necessary to get us there. Employees need to have a strong focus on data and software.

The question is, how does a company like Nuvepro manage to succeed? in two ways: by investing in the skills training of software professionals and college graduates, and by allowing our learners and clients to upskill for new roles. Rather than being a risk management strategy, investing in both our current and future workforces is essential if we are to achieve a software-centric future. A talent pipeline that is both broad and extensive is the driving force behind a thriving economy, which benefits all of us.

Investing in talent resources

The question now is, where do we get started? Learners trained by Nuvepro must be “job ready” or “project ready” on day one, meaning they can immediately contribute to the company’s success. This indicates that for them to achieve success, they require not only technical abilities such as coding and development but also values such as tenacity and determination. Students are better prepared for projects due to the hands-on training they gain in the Nuvepro hands-on labs, where they may engage in real-world problem statements and gain insight into the theoretical concepts they’ve studied. 

Because of this, we are collaborating with a wide range of EdTech corporates to design programs that target individuals who might not otherwise have access to learning or developing these skills and competencies. We are creating a potential path for these students to obtain high-paying employment as we search for them, train them, and educate them. 

Nuvepro upskilling talent resources

For Nuvepro, this initiative is largely about fostering transparency and empowerment — specifically, the creation of an atmosphere that assists in empowering  people to take charge of their professional growth and career paths. Learners are assisted by Nuvepro in understanding which training is suitable for the position within an organization to grow, what skills the job demand, and the measures they need to take to close any skills gap they may have.

Employees can better adapt to the ever-changing needs of the current market and the industries in which they work if they have the skills necessary to do so. That way, companies can use their employees’ talents and navigate challenging terrain with ease. To know more about us and what we do, schedule a demo with us. Tap on the below link to learn more.

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