What is the biggest barrier preventing you from delivering better organizational impact?


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Many barriers can prevent you from achieving maximum organizational impact. Maybe you feel like you don’t have the right skills or experience as an organization, or maybe the task at hand seems too daunting to you individually.

You might even feel like you’re not working in the right environment. But of all the barriers that can prevent you from achieving better organizational impact, there is one that is by far the most common: fear of not knowing. fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and fear of not being good enough can paralyze you and keep you from taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With the right mindset and a little bit of courage, you can overcome any obstacle standing in your way. Know a couple of things:

Learning is the most valuable organizational asset.

Learning enables people to make sense of their environment. In the organizational context, learning enables employees to make sense of the organization’s strategy, culture, and relationships. Organizations strive to maximize their performance by utilizing their assets. When you look at their assets, they are primarily what people know, how they behave, and what they can do.

Organizational leaders need to focus on improving organizational capacity through hands-on learning. In today’s world, hands-on labs have become the most valuable asset. As an organization, it has become increasingly imperative to provide cloud labs for your employees to practice their skills and master the latest technologies.

Employees should be given time to upskill themselves.

This is a myth, often propagated by the organization’s leaders, that there is no time. Organizations’ leaders often fail to recognize the importance of training and do not allocate the necessary resources and support. If an organization tells employees to do something without establishing a context and without laying out a clear path to achieving the goal, then employees will not have time to upskill themselves.

Conversely, organizations that provide hands-on labs by investing in workforce development training and learning programs can help their employees grow and develop. Employees often want to learn but don’t know where to start. Hands-on training will enable them to upskill their skills with the latest tools and resources.

Employees need to believe in the training provided by the organization.

If the organization doesn’t value learning and put effort into developing trust, then employees won’t trust their colleagues, managers, and the organization. Without trust, people don’t share information, they don’t collaborate, and they don’t engage with the organization. Organizations need to put effort into creating a learning environment where people feel they are being trained with the right skill set. Without this, you can’t expect people to open up and share information and knowledge.

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