Upskilling – An impactful employee retention strategy 


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To keep a company running smoothly, retaining key employees has never been more imperative than it is now. The only option for any firm to get out of this situation in the face of severe skill shortages and resource constraints to bring in skilled hires is to emphasize employee retention and begin developing a model from the ground up.

Why recruiting is no longer the sole choice, what the benefits of employee retention are, how to excel at it, and how Nuvepro may help achieve employee retention are all points covered in this blog post.

Let’s get started!

Cloud skill shortage: why is hiring not the solution anymore?

There were times when hiring staff posted job openings or vacancies on Monster, LinkedIn, or TimesJobs. However, because demand has reached an all-time high, it has become increasingly difficult to fill open positions. Why is this the case?

Huge salary expectation

The demand for cloud experts is rising exponentially, and so is their average income. In today’s workforce, it’s common practice for new hires to renegotiate their remuneration. To make matters worse, tech companies are already paying more to attract cloud specialists.

A rise in the use of cloud services

With the spread of the pandemic, new cloud-based challenges have emerged. Every sector has switched to cloud-based infrastructure. The gap between the number of available cloud experts and the number of open positions is expanding as more and more companies seek to fill open positions.

Why should your company prioritize employee retention?

Streamline hiring

Only employee retention can solve hiring problems. Investing in your employees’ upskilling or reskilling benefits you:

  • Reduce hiring expenses.

  • Cut down on hiring time.

  • Focus more on training and keeping employees motivated.

  • Establish a reliable team of dedicated employees.

Stop skilled employees from leaving the company.

There will be challenging times when employees want to quit or switch jobs. To avoid this use case, focus on employee retention. What happens when skilled employees start leaving?

  • Having this happen to your workflow is a nightmare. If this happens, crucial tasks and projects will be delayed as time is spent on training.

  • By trying to squeeze more work into the existing workforce, they will be overworked and stressed.

Definitely not a smart idea!

Strategies for employee retention and closing the cloud skills gap

Low cloud and infrastructure skills are the basis of all IT hiring challenges and cloud skill shortages. Only by upskilling and reskilling the current workforce can you unravel this maze. Here’s how.

Apply what you learn in the curriculum to real-world situations.

Despite curriculum changes, institutions lack industry-relevant cloud skills. The only way to ensure that is up to date is to engage in hands-on training sessions.

As a result, it is imperative that you build a cloud curriculum that aligns with both cloud technologies and company needs and that assists people in their cloud-based skill development.

If you want your workforce to be able to manage real-world challenges with ease, it’s imperative to make sure they have access to the appropriate hands-on training and certification courses as part of their workplace curriculum.

Upskilling and reskilling your workforce

Reskilling is the process of updating and certifying your current skills using newer iterations of the same technology, whereas upskilling pertains to learning and acquiring brand-new skills.

Both are incredibly crucial to your cloud team. Make a list of employees who need to be trained from scratch and which ones just need to brush up on their skills.

What can you expect to benefit from using Nuvepro’s hands-on labs?

When it comes to onboarding, upskilling, and reskilling, Nuvepro has you covered with a full suite of updated and customized training programs. Training your employees has never been easier than with Nuvepro’s hands-on labs, which feature interactive and all-encompassing resources to ensure real-time learning. We hope this blog post will aid you in developing a strategy for retaining your employees and shifting their attention to cloud-based skill development. By utilizing Nuvepro’s experiential learning labs, you can improve your upskilling tactics and increase the rate at which your workforce acquires new skills. Your employees will excel at learning cutting-edge technology with our hands-on approach, which will help them retain their jobs.

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