Nuvepro Learning Trends

Giridhar L.V

CEO, Nuvepro

Trending Hands-on Labs in April 2021

24,577 Learners |  139,407 Learning Hours

Hands-on learning in real-world environment can never be replaced by theoretical learning. Hands-on experience is the best way to apply theory into practice and gives confidence to work on projects in real-time.

Starting this month, we will bring to you the usage statistics across our labs. This will show you, with numbers, the courses, labs, and tools that are trending for the month. 

It’s time to get your hands dirty with Nuvepro hands-on labs. 

Nuvepro saw a whooping number of learners at 24,577 with 1,39,407 usage hours! 

This number includes learners who are upskilling, going through training program, our EdTech segment and various other business segments who benefit from our labs offering.  

Hands-on labs trending in April 2021 

With over 1000+ lab types to choose from, lab users preferred learning AWS, Azure, and Big Data technologies. Which one did you use? 

Most Popular Labs

#1     AWS Certification and Playgrounds

#2     Azure certification and Playgrounds  

#3     Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka) 

Digging deeper in the most used lab, AWS certification and playgrounds, we analyzed the usage of AWS in project related trainings, and the usage is as seen below: 

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud 
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes
  • AWS CodeCommit 
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce 
  • Elastic Load Balancing 
  • AWS Global Accelerator 
  • Amazon Route 53 
  • AWS Key Management Service 
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service 
  • Amazon SageMaker 

Our inference is that even though Virtual Machines (VMs) remain the most popular choice of compute, there is a growing trend in organizations to move towards containers and specifically Kubernetes. 

DevOps on the Cloud is clearly picking up and can be seen with an entry for CodeCommit as one of the top 3 services. 


Be hands on! 

Our unique labs working model and workflow provides configured and customized labs for easy access on the web browsers. 

Make mistakes in sandbox environments without affecting your actual projects. Learn by doing. Hire the best based on their hands-on skills. Or build your personal brand with a portfolio of customized labs.  


 Be hands-on!