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The world has been going through the toughest times in the past two years. The global pandemic attack has made the lifestyle even tougher. Even in this phase, the corporate world has been struggling and grappling to survive. So as the entire world was coming down, what could have probably acted as a saviour? Of course, there is technology. Technology, especially in the digital field, has connected the entire world. That has been the time when the incorporation of digital technology through the internet has been most prominent.

Technology at par has been a great boon for those in the corporate field, ed-tech firms, business establishments, universities, etc. When the world feared, what a great boon for those in the corporate field, ed-tech firms, business establishments, universities, etc. When the world feared how they could take it forward, they were united only through a simple thought process: “learning in the flow of work”.

So how do you think learning in the flow of work can be imbibed into our daily lives? Learning, of course, starts in our childhood and continues till we drop out. Learning has never ceased and continues to emit its radiance throughout our lives. This has been continuous and is ongoing.

As I was mentioning, there have been several occasions where you have had to go through a phase when you were sceptical as to how to take it forward. The standstill has often left us stranded and thinking about where the issue could have arisen. Visualize this. You’re in the middle of a massive project when you unexpectedly face a problem you’ve never encountered before and have no idea how to address it.

Rather than going to your boss, you look up solutions to the problem on YouTube to see if anyone else has encountered it. You stumble across a two-minute video that not only addresses the root cause of the problem but also details the steps necessary to permanently fix it. 

The solution to the problem we encountered throughout the major project was found in a matter of minutes by searching YouTube with relevant keywords. Moreover, we can access instructional materials whenever we need them because they are archived on YouTube. Now, YouTube is amazing, and it has its merits and demerits, but you should know that not all the stuff you find there has been produced by specialists or is appropriate for the workplace.

Weaving learning in the flow of work into workforce training

Now that you understand what learning in the flow of work is and the key elements involved, it’s time to share a few ways you can incorporate it into workforce training.

Master new skills in a supported setting where failure is not an option 

The training of your corporate employees will be forever altered by the introduction of hands-on laboratories. Each laboratory replicates the conditions under which your teams operate and gives them a structured learning experience based on real-world problems. You can equip your teams to accomplish even the most difficult technological goals by giving them opportunities to practice what they’ve learned in realistic settings.

The learners’ competence and self-assurance can be bolstered by completing a series of training and assessments tailored to their needs and by their lab certifications. Here is where Nuvepro comes into its own as a contender. You may get your team’s upskilled to speed on large IT projects and make them project-ready with the help of Nuvepro.  More than a thousand hands-on labs in areas such as cloud computing (AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Google Cloud platforms), programming (python), and a wide variety of real-world cloud environments are available to meet your workforce development requirements.

What the Future May Bring 

Since we now live in the digital age, the pressure to find answers quickly and effectively has only increased. Within the next year, workflow learning will have matured from a novel concept into a standard method of training for companies who see the need to train their workforce.

This also signifies that companies like Nuvepro will keep releasing integrations and other forms of educational technology that promote inquisitive and self-directed study. We’d love to talk about how we can help your organization encourage learning in the flow of work – request a demo to see how Nuvepro can work for you!


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