Splunk Product Training through Hands-On Labs Using 10 VMs


The client is a global learning solutions company that provides hands-on training to B2B tech learners. They deliver training on several technologies and products. This time they were training their learners on Splunk, a data platform built for expansive data access, powerful analytics, and automation. It helps to visualize complex data.

Sometimes, complexity can coexist with simplicity

The client planned to set up a playground lab with the pre-built installation of Splunk. This way, the learners can directly get to practice rather than spending time on installation. However, Splunk is a resource-intensive product and it needed at least 10 Virtual Machines (VMs) to take the load and to scale with the growing learners. Each participant was to be provided with an individual setup; it was necessary to define the lab template correctly to avoid any rework.

The major challenge with providing hands-on labs for this client was the complexity of creating them. A single hands-on lab on Splunk technology needed 10 VMs. These VMs allow groups of processes to be isolated from each other while running on the same physical machine.

The complexity of the labs is hidden from the end-users, and each user gets a simple-to-use interface. Sometimes, complexity can coexist with simplicity.

Public or private network: which is better?

The public network was the client’s first choice for setting up all the 10 VMs. Coming from an in-house server setup background, the customer was not aware of the issues that could come up when VMs with these kinds of software modules are exposed to the public internet.

Nuvepro team, based on prior experience with other similar labs, suggested that it is best to keep all the 10 VMs on a private network. A private connection is better than a public connection for any lab requirement- always safe.

Scalability: Easily available on demand

The client was not sure of the number of learners expected for the training session. Hence, there was a need to provision labs for new users within a short time. Nuvepro’s platform enables provisioning new labs within a few minutes.

On-demand scalability ensured that the trainers were ready even when new learners joined the training session.

Seamless access: Use hands-on labs on a web browser

Seamless access is critical for a good learning experience. Opening special ports or IP addresses in the corporate firewall is a tedious process. Nuvepro delivered the hands-on labs over a web browser which means that the learner can securely access the labs at a time of their choice.

This also cuts down the cost spent on the labs as hands-on labs follow a pay-as-you-go model. The client only pays for the number of hours the labs are consumed.

Rapid turnaround time for setting up the Splunk lab:

Five days was all it took for Nuvepro’s team to set up and deliver the cluster of 10 VMs. Nuvepro team first created a prototype with 4 VMs and fully tested them to ensure a seamless experience. It is one of the highly customized labs made by our team at Nuvepro.

Configuring the products and providing time-bound access for external and internal training is beyond complex and needs the continuous involvement of the specialists. Additionally, it is an expensive and time-consuming process to install the software and deliver it on the Cloud.

Nuvepro hands-on labs are a different story. We make setting up labs effortless so that you can deliver product training on-demand and at scale. Do reach out to our team and get a demo of how hands-on labs work and what they can do for you.  

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