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2 Steps in Making the Right Technical Hire in 2021


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Technical recruiters saw unprecedented challenges in 2020 and overcame most of it by the end of it. But tech hiring comes with its own set of challenges in 2021. Far from being short of talent, the recruitment market now drowns in the pool of applicants. So, grab a bucket and bail out the flood with us.

Hiring for technical roles across the full spectrum, particularly cyber security, data science and developers are likely to show good demand and the expectation would be to see these areas outpace traditional corporate support functions. Finding and hiring the best fit becomes another challenge now that the skilled talent is readily available.

Technical recruitment in 2021: How to get it right?

The inflow of resumes became difficult to assess. The huge number of tech candidates available for the screening procedure might have a degree that looks great on paper but don’t have the experience to solve real-world coding problems. On the other hand, candidates without traditional credentials or professional experience may be the most qualified candidates for the job opening. How to pick the best?

Get on a video call!

Given that most of the hiring process is now done virtually, platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google have seen an increased usage for virtual face-to-face interviews. Besides the soft skill assessments, the candidate is also analyzed for the ideas and the quality of the technical solution he comes up with. 

Even though video interviews are of great help during virtual recruitment, allowing you to observe how candidates handle themselves and the problem in real-world situations, compare candidate solution times, and evaluate the quality and innovativeness of their solutions and their capacity to communicate and exchange ideas. It still fails to assess the candidate with great technical capability.

Get the assessment tool!

The assignments should be crisp enough to not lose the candidate’s interest and deep enough for the technical manager to assess the skill. Skills like machine learning, python, etc. need a reliable platform where candidates can work on a given challenge and showcase their skill set. This is where hands-on labs come into the picture. 

Here is how the assessment tool for technical hiring works:

Hands-on labs help you with four things:

  • Creates an assessment by defining a real-world problem statement that is relevant to the skill set and organizational goals
  • Configures a real-world environment for the candidate to design and develop a solution
  • Monitors the candidate’s activity while they solve the given challenge
  • Helps the technical manager to do an objective and transparent assessment of the potential employee’s technical skill

Challenge labs is one of the labs provided by Nuvepro that is ready to use within four weeks from the initial discussion of the requirement.

Get in touch with us to understand how hands-on labs can help you hire the right candidate!


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