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February 13, 2023
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Are you tired of sitting through endless lectures and taking ongoing notes just to forget what you learned a few days later? It’s time to try the art of learning by doing. The hands-on approach to education is a powerful tool that can help you retain information better, enhance critical thinking skills, and boost your creativity.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of learning by doing and how it can transform the way you approach education. We will also take a look at the exciting world of cloud labs for learners and introduce you to Nuvepro Hands-On Labs, a platform that embodies the art of learning by doing.

The benefits of active learning

Improves retention of information

One of the biggest benefits of learning by doing is that it improves the retention of information. When students are actively involved in the learning process, they are more likely to retain the information they have learned. This is because the brain is wired to remember information that is connected to personal experiences. With hands-on learning, you create a personal connection to the information, making it easier for you to remember it in the future.

Enhances critical thinking skills

The hands-on learning approach requires students to think critically and solve problems in real time. This helps to develop critical thinking skills, which are essential for success in both academic and professional settings. By working on projects and solving problems, students are able to apply the concepts they have learned and see the results of their work in real time. This gives them a deeper understanding of the material and helps them think more critically.

Boosts creativity

Learning by doing can also boost creativity. When students are involved in hands-on activities, they are encouraged to think outside the box and find creative and innovative solutions to problems. This can lead to a more creative and imaginative approach to learning and can also help foster a lifelong love of knowledge.

Increases engagement

The hands-on learning approach is more engaging than traditional lectures. When students are actively involved in the learning process, they are more likely to pay attention and be invested in the material. This leads to increased engagement, leading to better performance and a deeper understanding of the material.

Cloud Labs for Learners

With the rise of cloud technology, learning by doing has never been easier. Cloud labs for learners provide students with access to hands-on learning from anywhere at any time. This means that students can participate in hands-on activities and solve problems even if they are not physically in the same location as the instructor.

Nuvepro Hands-on Labs: The Future of Hands-on Learning

Nuvepro Hands-On Labs is a platform that embodies the art of learning by doing. With Nuvepro, you can participate in hands-on activities, solve problems, and work on projects without the need for expensive hardware or software. This makes it easy for you to upskill for outcomes and achieve your learning goals.


In conclusion, we can say that learning by doing and cloud labs for learners are the future of education. It is true that hands-on learning has many benefits, including increased retention of information, enhanced critical thinking skills, and increased engagement, all of which can contribute to a more successful educational experience. And with platforms like Nuvepro Hands-on Labs, you can access hands-on training from anywhere at any time, making it easier than ever to upskill for outcomes and achieve your learning goals. So embrace the art of learning by doing and take your education to the next level! Tap on the below link to learn more.

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