Nuvepro Hands-on Labs Recruitment

The Powerful Tool for Hiring the Right Tech Candidate in 2021

Every tech recruiter has been in this scenario: You’re looking for that Cloud developer with 5 years of professional experience and excellent knowledge of AWS and preferably a solution architect certification. Hours have been spent scanning job boards, candidates are screened based on their resumes and interviews. After a good 7 weeks of sourcing, screening and interviews, one candidate is onboarded with the team. Unfortunately, the most relevant candidate was not the right candidate.

Identifying potential candidates, especially for the tech team is a great challenge for tech recruiters, especially in 2021. The traditional methods of choosing candidates based on the name of the institutions and brand names are gone. The candidates who don’t have the perfect matching skillset on paper but is a most tech-savvy candidate is the need of the hour.


What’s the problem?

Many candidates have the degree and/or look great on paper but don’t have the experience to solve real-world coding problems. On the other hand, candidates without traditional credentials or professional experience may be the most qualified candidates for your opening.

A survey by coding games found that almost 25% of developers entered computer programming from other fields. In other words, one-fourth of today’s professional developers’ paperwork would not reflect formal educational credentials.

 how do you assess tech skills?

Assessing that is easier said than done. According to many technical recruiters, interviews serve as a very flimsy way of assessing the learning agility of a candidate and even then, a proper structure for the interview must be followed. Platforms like HackerEarth is useful when it comes to testing for coding assessment, but it fails to perform an assessment for technical skills beyond coding like cloud, DevOps etc.


How will hands-on labs work as an employee recruiting tool? 

Using technical tests and challenges to assess an applicant’s technical skills should be easy to perform and cost-efficient too. And when we say technical tests, we are not referring to MCQs, but a more detailed form of testing candidates with hands-on assessment. This created opportunities for the candidates to highlight their skills. Thus, providing the tech recruiter and the hiring managers with more data to assess the candidate’s technical skills.

Cloud-based platforms like hands-on labs have seen their usage in the recruitment teams, especially during the pandemic when virtual recruitment was unavoidable.  With an attrition rate of around 10% in the IT industry, there are more than 3.9 Lakh people looking out for new jobs. With all the IT companies reporting good results and huge order books, it pays to get the right candidate for the job!

How does hands-on lab work?

Hands-on labs help you with four things:

  • Creates an assessment by defining a real-world problem statement that is relevant to the skill-set and organizational goals.
  • Configures a real-world environment for the employee to design and develop a solution.
  • Monitors the employee’s activity while he solves the given challenge.
  • Helps the technical manager to do an objective and transparent assessment of the employee’s technical skills.


Challenge labs is one of the labs provided by Nuvepro that creates a real-world challenge and environment to assess the skills of the potential employee. This process of assessing the candidate can also be easily integrated into the existing talent workflow within the organization, making further processes smoother and less time-consuming.

The time frame for making a technical hire will be reduced drastically. Cream of the cream is then made available for onboarding in the organization.

All the software-driven platforms are made available as cloud-based virtual labs. Over 250 labs, such as GCP, Azure, AWS, full-stack, Machine learning and DevOps along with the programming labs are available.

Find how to ditch the traditional methods to hire the best candidates.