Are you a member of ” Graduate but yet not skilled Club’’?


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In recent years, India has witnessed unprecedented growth in the number of graduates, thanks to the proliferation of universities and colleges across the country. While this trend may seem positive at first glance, the reality is that many of these degrees are worthless and do not prepare graduates for the job market. This has resulted in many unemployable graduates struggling to find work in their chosen fields.

Only 4.77 per cent of engineering graduates in India are employable in software professions, according to a survey by Aspiring Minds, a renowned employability testing business. That implies that only approximately 5 out of 100 engineering graduates find good jobs. And if you think that’s bad, consider that only 3.84 per cent are qualified for entry-level engineering positions.

Even graduates with degrees in other fields aren’t doing particularly well. It was revealed in a survey by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) that just 10–15% of graduates from non-technical courses were actually employed. This is a very concerning number that calls for immediate action.

So why are so many degrees not useful in making you skilled?

The answer lies in the fact that traditional college degrees and certifications are often focused on theoretical knowledge and lack practical application. While they may serve as a gateway to a job, they do not necessarily equip graduates with the necessary skills to excel in the workplace. This is where hands-on learning becomes crucial.

Hands-on learning, also known as experiential learning, is an approach that emphasises the practical application of knowledge and skills through real-world projects and challenges. It allows learners to actively engage in learning, apply concepts to real-life scenarios, and develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and creativity. Hands-on learning goes beyond the classroom and provides learners with the opportunity to gain practical experience and become job-ready.

One platform that exemplifies the power of hands-on learning is Nuvepro’s skill bundles.

These skill bundles are a combination of multiple projects that allow learners to practise and learn about real-world problems and challenges. These ready-made project templates are designed to make learners directly project-ready, providing them with the practical skills needed to succeed in their chosen fields.

Take, for example, learning Python, a popular programming language.

While theoretical knowledge of Python may be acquired through traditional coursework, it is hands-on learning that truly unlocks the potential of Python. By working on real projects, learners gain a much deeper understanding of the language, its practical applications, and best practices. They learn how to troubleshoot, debug, and optimise their code, and they develop the confidence to tackle real-world programming challenges.

Hands-on learning not only enhances technical skills but also cultivates important soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and adaptability. Real-world projects expose learners to different scenarios and challenges, helping them develop the ability to work effectively in a professional setting. This is particularly valuable in today’s competitive job market, where employers are increasingly looking for candidates who can hit the ground running with practical skills.

While college degrees and certifications are important for gaining theoretical knowledge, hands-on learning is essential for developing practical skills that are directly applicable to the job market. Platforms like Nuvepro’s skill bundles provide learners with the opportunity to work on real-world projects and challenges, making them job-ready and helping them stand out in today’s competitive job market. So, if you want to break free from the “Graduate but not yet skilled Club” and be part of the “I’ve learned it hands-on way” group, embrace hands-on learning and unlock your full potential. Drop us a message on our website, and we’ll take you on a pathway to becoming skilled.

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