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November 24, 2022
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Do you realize that hands-on experience is the key to developing your skills? It’s not a groundbreaking discovery. Aristotle wrote about this strategy around 350 B.C.

Learning by doing is the essence of hands-on learning.

Indeed, this is what you get from Nuvepro: a platform designed specifically for learning IT skills through hands-on experience.

Do you know that the IDC estimates that businesses lose $6.5 trillion annually because of product delays, low customer satisfaction, and a lack of digital skills? We’re here to talk and verify this for you.

While obtaining a degree or certification is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, learning new skills is always considered vital.

Skills development for workforce development

Accelerated hiring processes, high pay for experienced cloud workers, and the challenge of finding individuals who mesh with corporate success are just a few of the hiring problems that organizations confront today. It’s a huge challenge, but overcoming it is crucial to the success of any organization. The engines of expansion may stall if employees aren’t trained to operate in the cloud. And yet, while many tech professionals have expansion plans for cloud-based learning, 75% point to a lack of a skilled workforce as the primary challenge.

Equip your workforce better.

In an era when the demand for skilled employees may be slackening, skill-based approaches offer a way forward for individuals to advance inside their current organizations. There is room for improvement in terms of internal job promotions based on employees’ skills. Using this method, companies are able to create career paths for employees that are deliberately designed to help them advance in their careers based on the skills they already possess, thereby bridging the skills gap. Employers can be prepared for this movement by identifying the skills gaps and contributing to a reliable source of the talent pool.

Preparing a pathway for a skilled workforce pipeline

In many respects, technological advancements will determine the shape of the future workforce, with tech skills being most in demand for the most lucrative professions. When applied to the full spectrum of the talent acquisition and development process, skill-based techniques have the greatest possible impact.

Sourcing: Skills-based selection methods are useful for employers because they enable them to select candidates from a larger pool of qualified candidates by emphasizing the skills that candidates possess over the level of education and experience that they possess, which can help to minimize the cost of recruitment.

Hiring: Employers can benefit from skills-based practices by employing qualitative measures for interviewing and evaluating candidates, increasing the likelihood that new hires will be ready to contribute immediately to the project.

Professional growth: Employers who adopt a skills-based approach can assist their employees to gain marketable skills, advance their careers within the company, and stay put. Employers can provide on-the-job training like hands-on training platforms or continuous-learning programs to ensure they have the skills to succeed long-term.

How can a partnership with Nuvepro help with scaffolding skills?

In light of the heightened challenges that have arisen since the epidemic, companies have come to understand the value of skill-based approaches as a remedy. It has been challenging for companies to both attract qualified applicants for open positions and maintain skilled employees in the workforce. An increase in both the quantity and quality of applicants for available positions is possible with a skills-based recruitment and hiring strategy, and retention may be boosted by helping employees discover more internal skills within the company.

Scaffolding internal skills through collaboration with Nuvepro’s hands-on labs to cultivate your very own highly skilled workforce. By working together, you can streamline the recruitment, screening, and training of potential employees.Tap on the below link to learn more

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