Nuvepro hands-on labs: Unleashing the Superpowers of Experiential Learning


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Learning by doing, or experiential learning is a highly effective method for gaining the knowledge and confidence needed to improve one’s skills and performance. Students “learn by doing” and then analyze their experiences as part of an active learning process. Learning through hands-on labs is an example that falls under the umbrella term “experiential learning.” Learners in these settings are allowed to actively participate in their learning by doing rather than simply recalling theoretical information.

Experiential learning programs that are well-designed, carefully monitored, and rigorously evaluated can inspire learners to study across domains, become more actively engaged in their learning, advance their careers, and become leaders in their fields.

Experiential learning entails the following features:

  • Learners have the opportunity to take initiative, participate in decision-making, and accept accountability for the outcomes of their activities.

  • Pedagogical spaces where students can actively participate intellectually

A learning experience that has been created to incorporate the ability to learn from logical consequences, mistakes, and achievements

So, what is the process behind the experiential learning offered by Nuvepro?

  • Pay more attention to how you learn than what you learn.

Consequently, learning is a dynamic process in which the learner plays a central role; it is founded on the learner’s current position and aspirations for the future. Therefore, in experiential learning, success is not just measured by a student’s capacity to recall information but also by their ability to apply it to real-world situations. Nuvepro’s hands-on labs enable learners to engage themselves more practically, making learning more exciting and engaging than any other form of education.

  • Real-world exposure is crucial to the learning process.

To be valuable, learning must be against expectations; therefore, it is impossible to learn anything substantial by only implementing, testing, assessing, and improving ideas in light of previous experiences. A learner’s receptivity to these ideas is conditional on their existing worldview, and it is the job of educators (or trainers, mentors, or coaches) to shape the experience in a way that maximizes its worth. This is precisely what Nuvepro does.

Nuvepro hands-on labs and experiential learning

Hands-On Labs for Enterprise

Enterprise, Learning and Development, Human Resources, and Engineering can get their teams project-ready with the help of Nuvepro’s 1200+ labs. To get the most out of your learning programs, combine our labs with either ILT or self-paced learning.

Hands-on Labs for EdTech

Through the integration of our labs with the world-class learning material available from EdTech companies, users can take advantage of a really immersive, hands-on, and experiential platform that provides a truly immersive, hands-on, and experiential experience.

Hands-on Labs for Trainers

Hands-on experience is the only way to obtain results that are applicable in the real world. Use our hands-on labs in conjunction with your curriculum needs to design exciting experiential learning programs.

Hands-on Labs for Universities

We make sure that our students are prepared for the workplace by getting them access to our hands-on labs as a result of which they do not need to rely on abstract theories but instead be able to learn directly from the instructors.

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