New Hands-on Labs – November


CEO, Nuvepro

Hello there, hope you are doing great. We are happy to introduce the new hands-on labs that were introduced in November 2020. Please reach out to us if you need more information or want to try it out.

Just In Time Labs

To remove the need for our customers to pay for the storage space consumed by the labs when they are idle, we have introduced the Just In Time or the JIT model. In this model that labs are created newly for every session. The data created by the learners in each session are not lost and stored in persistent storage. This model is beneficial to scenarios where the lab needs to be available for a long period – say 60 to 90 days, and the number of lab hours may be less than 30 to 40 hours during this period. The savings with this model is close to 75%.

Graphics intensive labs

Graphics-intensive lab such as Solidworks, AutoCAD 3dMax etc typically perform best with GPUs. When these labs are delivered over the cloud, the most common mechanism of access is via RDP. RDP is not the best mechanism for accessing the labs with this software as it defaults to 2D instead of 3D rendering. Accessing the labs via DCV helps in overcoming this issue. Nuvepro provides all such graphics-intensive labs via DCV now.

Physical Machine or Bare Metal labs

Some of the Enterprise software titles such as VMware, and Android programming work best with Physical Machine or Bare metal environments with an additional layer of Hypervisors. Nuvepro now provides these labs at scale to our customers

Genymotion Android Emulator 

For one of the training programs on Android, Nuvepro created a Genymotion Android Emulator lab. Genymotion helps emulate a wide range of device configurations.

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