New Hands-on Labs – March 2021


CEO, Nuvepro

Nuvepro translates for the term “Hands-on Labs.”

The pillar of “It’s not on if it’s not hands-on”  still stands erect with the evolution in tech learning. Combine our cloud-based hands-on labs with theoretical courses, challenge yourself with real-world problems, and much more.

We are happy to introduce the new hands-on labs introduced in March 2021.

  • DevOps lab with Puppet, Ansible, Kubernetes, etc
  • Physical server labs for VMWare or Android-related training
  • Programming labs via VS Code
  • Jira and Confluence labs
  • OpenShift development environment

These labs are currently in use by some of our clients and the feedback is promising. We are able to further improve the labs with suggestions and inputs from their end.

You can access some of these labs for free.

Reach out to us for more information or to see a free demo and understand how you can make the best use of these labs.

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