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Graduating through IIT, but does that make you Mr. know it all?


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Time passes quickie in the 4 years of engineering, especially when you are on the IIT campus. Life at an IIT is fueled with all the fun and excellent learning. Your placements are done, you are prepared for your graduation ceremony and everything seems really exciting for the future. When you finally graduate from IIT, you feel your hard work truly paid off but does that really make you Mr. know it all?  

Millennials from IIT are some of the most talented tech minds I have ever encountered. However, a major issue requires attention, and that concern is the lack of practical experience that they might not have. Imagine a sense of failure after joining the company because despite mastering every coding technique and coming from a prestigious institute and something is still missing! 

The absence of hands-on skills is a significant reason why many IITians are unable to meet their recruitment and employment targets because many candidates lack hands-on learning and practice.  

Do you believe life after IIT is a cakewalk regarding performance at work?   

The reality is far from the newspaper reports of a random Jimmy receiving a $2 billion treat from a major technology company. 

The world is constantly changing, and these changes have an impact on many fields, not just corporations. There are no exceptions in the field of education. The development of hands-on learning labs has significantly impacted educational institutions, and edtech firms have ultimately pushed traditional approaches to the sidelines.  However, there are requirements for both technology and active learning techniques. As a result, the ability to combine experiential learning has grown in various fields. 

Is getting certified from an edtech institute enough? 

Edtech institutions took off, assuming the responsibility to train recent graduates on the skills needed for these positions. Every major city and town had these opulent training facilities where students could be instructed and certified in various skills. Students who graduate from the new-age edtech institutes are having difficulty finding work due to significant market needs, which are changing the dynamics of employment requirements in a highly competitive market, but hands-on learning with proper guidance is a blessing in disguise.  

Universities need to lead the way and make practical training mandatory. 

Students are going to universities and colleges to elevate their education and gain knowledge. Some people believe that a university education does not adequately prepare them for the demands of the workplace. Others argue that receiving a primary education, regardless of its application in the workplace, is the primary reason for enrolling students in schools or universities. Universities should assist students in broadening their knowledge and developing practical skills. Students should be fully aware of the qualifications required for employment, keeping in mind how competitive each industry is and how hands-on experience helps to upskill.  

Nowadays, getting a degree without hands-on training does not meet the employer’s needs. It is difficult for a candidate to understand the requirements while looking for work. Additionally, there are several skills that students need to develop before entering the workplace.  

For example, it would be challenging for a candidate to gain credibility if the civil engineer had no actual construction training. Lol. 

Universities and colleges are generally in charge of providing students with all of the knowledge and skills they need for their chosen professions. They are capable of achieving professional goals.   

And, OfCourse, enterprises need to make the workforce project-ready! 

Getting a job at the most prestigious organization is excellent, but if you don’t perform well in your workplace, then it becomes inefficacious. That’s why hands-on learning is crucial for graduates to achieve big career goals. Enterprises should slowly improvise and focus on making their workforce project-ready!  

Nuvepro helps corporates,  higher educational institutes, and edtech institutes improve productivity, stay up to speed, and help in making their training more practical and hands-on. We save your time and cost, enhance efficacy, and give immersive practical experience by cloud labs customization as per your requirement with our hands-on learning.  


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