Does your Cloud-based Sandbox offer you these benefits?


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Organizations that wish to be known to deliver quality products and services emphasize on structured and process-oriented methodologies. Testing the product or services on critical parameters and in an environment that simulates the real one goes a long way in ensuring quality deliverables. The widespread adoption of cloud environments explains why a system such as the cloud-based sandbox has become indispensable even for prototype development and testing.

Here is a quick list of benefits that a cloud-based sandbox can offer to your engineering teams:

On-demand set up your development and test the sandbox

Truth be told, the IT teams have several priorities and setting up the sandbox environment with the configuration the engineers need takes at least a week’s time. Cloudlabs-based sandbox can help you set up a development and test sandbox within minutes. You, not the IT team, can effortlessly create a production like environment and build your products on real-world configurations.

Rapid regression and integration testing enable faster release cycles

A thoroughly tested product is critical to delivering a superior customer experience. However, do you have the right environment to test your solutions on? In the world of test automation, setting them up in the right sandbox environment is what takes a lot of time. Cloud-based sandbox takes just a few minutes and your teams can be on their way to thoroughly break the product in real environments. Nuvepro’s Cloud labs are API enabled and can be used to provision the automate the build and release pipelines in organizations

The widest range of catalogs and templates available

Get access to an ever-increasing set of pre-built configurations and templates. Make your product for any environment be it past, present or future technologies. If we don’t have something ready, we’ll create one that meets your exact requirements.

Less dependency on the IT resources – Automated lab creation and configuration

It’s the world of automation. You don’t need any manual intervention or dependencies to set up your sandbox. The fully automated platform creates and configures the sandbox within a few clicks and you’ll be all set to work your engineering genius.

Custom dashboards give you complete control of cloud resource utilization

The visual and intelligent dashboards give you full visibility into the labs’ usage. You can easily see the usage hours across all the sandbox environments.

Spend Control

Spend control in the cloud is one of the biggest issues being faced by Engineering and IT teams. With Nuvepro’s Cloud labs solutions, you can set budgets and be confident about meeting your spending goals.

Reduce wastage

You may have already adopted the cloud for your sandboxes, but is there someone monitoring your sandbox usage and turning it OFF when not in use? Nuvepro’s Cloud Labs solution can do this and help reduce wastage. Remember every minute in the cloud costs money.

Ease of use

While many teams have already adopted Cloud for the agility it brings, there is a lot of complexity too. Nuvepro Cloud Labs hides the complexity of the Cloud and provides the Engineering team with just the right interfaces to develop, test and deploy.


We understand that the code and IP are the lifeblood of an Enterprise. To address any concerns regarding their security in the cloud, the sandboxes can be created in the Enterprise networks extended to the cloud. The same security rules and policies that are applied to Enterprise networks can also be extended to the cloud.

Cloudlabs are here to stay and are already impacting several departments of the organization. Engineering is just one function but a really important one. Is your engineering team fully leveraging the Cloudlabs-based Sandbox? No? Reach out to us and we will set it up in a few minutes.


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