Nuvepro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

As we enter the 10th year at Nuvepro, let’s revisit how we got here


Starting with a problem statement of enabling Data Centers to become another AWS, we pivoted to a labs organization, helping Upskilling organizations and Enterprises with playground labs to pair with their training. And now, to become actively involved in the outcomes of Technical Upskilling for employees at Enterprises, learners with Upskilling / Training organizations and students at Higher Education institutions, the journey seems to have just become more exciting.

Our goal now is to help our customers Create a Job and project-ready workforce.

This goal has only a few words, but these are high-impact.

The reason is that we are addressing the number one issue related to the workforce, it’s about the availability of skilled people. This statement tells that Nuvepro goes beyond providing only a playground, or just enabling a certification, instead, we help customers meet their business outcomes with their workforce.

This change in focus and messaging has translated to us expanding business with existing customers and conversations and sign-ups of new customers. We feel that our new goal is getting validated.

This entire journey has been made possible only because of the incredible team at Nuvepro. We have grown to more than 70 now and the thing which I treasure the most is that we have mostly stuck together and navigated the various twists in our existence.

We are also one of those few companies where we can say that almost 80% of our team has interacted at least once with customers, and that says a lot about being customer-driven and customer-focused.

The problem statement we are solving is very real, there is a market need for it, and now the three things that we will focus on to achieve our goals are Execution, Execution and Execution !!!

Happy Birthday to Nuvepro!!! And looking forward to many memorable years ahead!!!

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