Happy Teachers’ Day to the Trainers

Thanks for igniting the fire to learn even after college!

Teachers day

Are you a corporate trainer? 

Position yourself as a training expert with customized course design with hands-on labs across all technologies- Full Stack, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Big Data, AWS certifications etc. 

It's time to get Hands-On

Teachers Day offers to the Tech Trainers

Learning min

Access to free labs for all your learners for a day

Create a customized lab in a technology of your choice. Roll it out to your learners and host a training session inviting new learners from our clientele. 

GuidedLabs min

Re-seller program: 5% commission

Create your own labs and offer it to your customers. Get a 5% commission on using hands-on labs in your training sessions. Applies for all types of labs. 

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What are Hands-On Labs for Tech Trainers?

Nuvepro hands-on labs are a cloud-based platform where all the technologies are provided in a real-world environment setup. These labs stay completely isolated from the production infrastructure and are easily accessible via all web browsers.

  • Your own course design. Hands-on labs with customized content suiting your training needs. 
  • Zero tech problems. The labs are available along with a 24*7 support team to fix any last-minute issues for you. 

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