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Empowering Gen Z: Is Your Workforce Future-Proofed with Upskilling?


Introduction: In a world fueled by constant innovation and rapid technological advancements, the workforce landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace. As the newest generation, Gen Z, steps into the professional arena, businesses face the exciting challenge of embracing their unique talents and ambitions. To navigate this dynamic landscape successfully, organisations must equip their Gen […]

Skills versus Degrees: What staffing firms have to say?


Job readiness: Will you look into a prestigious degree or go by meticulous skills? In the dynamic world of recruitment and talent acquisition, the debate between skills and degrees has been a longstanding one. At Nuvepro, as an upskilling-based startup, we believe that a college degree serves as the golden ticket to a professional door, […]

Beyond hiring: How companies are reskilling/upskilling to address skill gaps

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Acquired skills are highly sought after. When companies fail to recognize the value of training and development, they risk losing clientele. Skilled employees have a better chance of surviving in a cutthroat environment. Everyone in your workforce should have the opportunity to expand their horizons and find better opportunities. Nonetheless, the absence of a robust plan and […]

Congratulations on your certification. Do you consider yourself skilled?

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It is considered that learning a new skill is paramount to upskilling your professional persona. With the growing competition, the need to switch jobs and move upward comes fast to a lot of us. Learning and acquiring new skills become the first step toward doing it. And now you have decided towards moving towards a […]

Are you done watching videos? What next?

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You’ve probably watched a bunch of videos on YouTube!  We bet you thought after watching, “I can do that!” or “That’s awesome.” And you’re right! You can do it, and it is awesome. But when you’re done watching, that’s exactly where it ends. There’s more to learn than just watching, but it’s unreal to think […]