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Nuvepro partnered with Tevel Cyber Corps to unlock the dynamic learning opportunities

An effective partnership aiming at providing a curated hands-on lab experience for learners of Cybersecurity in a real-world learning environment altering the focus from content-based to more practical Incident-based learning.

Bangalore, 25th May 2022: Nuvepro, the leader in accelerating hands-on learning, announces its long-running partnership, with Tevel Cyber Corps, a leading provider of Cybersecurity training programs, Knowledge Management, and Information Technology & Consulting.

The country’s demand for cybersecurity skills is projected to increase echoing a global trend of rising cybersecurity skills demand. Companies are searching for a wide range of abilities in candidates, citing soft skills (53%), cloud computing (48 %), and security controls implementation as the main skills shortages they see in today’s cybersecurity experts (63%). A robust cybersecurity workforce with cutting-edge competency is necessary for light of rising technology and cybersecurity threats.

Hands-on learning, certifications, practising in a real-time environment, and providing best lab practices among cybersecurity experts can help them not only enhance their abilities and progress in their careers but also ensure that the organizations are safeguarded against the current cyber threats.

As per various research reports businesses globally would need over 149 million digital tech talent by 2025. Specifically, skills such as Data Science, Cloud, Cyber Security, and AI/ML are going to be in high demand. While most of the current training is theoretical, this partnership takes a learning-by-doing and mentor-driven approach to make the workforce ready for real-world projects.

Nuvepro and Tevel collaborated with one of the top two EdTechs in India, to provide the perfect Cybersecurity learning program to a major client, a renowned multinational company. The partnership transformed the learning from a content-based to an Incident-based learning format. This was done by creating real-time scenarios for learners by simulating real-world threats, phishing, and breaching attacks, and planning a real-time defence against the attacks.

Giridhar LV, CEO, Nuvepro, said “This partnership aims to establish the learning-by-doing approach in Cybersecurity. We have seen that enabling Cybersecurity practitioners to solve a diverse set of real-world challenges and assessments makes the learners project-ready 75% faster.”

Dr Harish Ramani, Chief Executive & Technology Officer, said –;” Our efficacious partnership with Nuvepro would enable us to provide the best learning experience through hands-on lab environments, aligned with the learning program’s goals. Hands-on learning delivers desired results and allows learners to learn more rapidly and more significantly, about the topics that are relevant to their work environment. Our “incident-based learning” dream has come true in the hands of Nuvepro with the best support and technology.”

About Nuvepro

Nuvepro accelerates digital workforce readiness through hands-on learning. We partner with EdTech organizations and Corporates to create a sustainable pool of ready-to-deploy talent in digital technologies. We do this through our Playgrounds (1000 +) with real-world environments, Projects (200 +), and Assessments (100 +) with real-world scenarios. More than 200K users have spent almost 3 M lab on our platform in the last 12 months.

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About TeveL

Tevel Cyber Corps has committed to its vision of improving cybersecurity in the country by addressing the growing risks of cybercrime effectively. A key component of the company’s strategy is to assist in the development of a legion of cybersecurity professionals. Tevel intends to continuously improve its knowledge management capabilities, keep an up-to-date knowledge repository, and incorporate these into its cybersecurity training programmers. Tevel also intends to help establish a cybersecurity culture across the economy through training and awareness programs aimed at the general workforce in the country.