DevOps Masterclass Workshop and Challenge on Hands-on Labs

Four hours of unlimited and unstoppable hands-on experience for you and your team. Build DevOps CI/CD Pipeline using Jenkins, Ansible, and Docker 


DevOps Masterclass and a Challenge that you’d love

Build a DevOps CI/CD pipeline with your coach Rishi Ravi on Saturday, 26th June 2021 | 5 PM- 9 PM IST 

Key Takeaways for you  

  • Configure Jenkins for Java Maven project, integrate into Git, and publish over SSH
  • Build a Docker image of the application using Dockerfile
  • Use Docker-Compose in Jenkins to deploy the application 
  • Use Ansible to deploy the application 
  • Configure Jenkins to build CI/CD pipeline
  • Finally access the application and achieve CI/CD
Rishi Ravi DevOps Coach Nuvepro

Rishi Ravi, QA Manager at Nuvepro and your Masterclass coach for the evening

Exciting lineup of agenda for the evening



Duration (Mins)


5:00 PM IST

Welcome note and masterclass on DevOps

30 Mins

Rishi Ravi

5:30 PM IST

Log into the free labs and find your way around 

30 Mins

All of you led by Rishi Ravi

6:00 PM IST

Announcement of the challenge and the game begins

150 Mins

Challenge by Rishi Ravi

Participants to crack the challenge

8:30 PM IST

Queries and review

30 Mins


Everything you need to know about the DevOps Freelabs

About your coach - Rishi

Rishi worked on successfully achieving CICD for their middleware microservices API layer implementation. Tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and other AWS container orchestration services are among the top tools he made use of the most in the process.  

Who is the DevOps Workshop For and pre-requisites?

  • Everyone interested in learning and building a CI/CD pipeline using various tools
  • Everyone who wants to try out their DevOps skill in a real-world environment
  • Basic knowledge of Maven, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible & CI/CD
  • A strong desire to go hands-on with the tools

How do I Register for the DevOps Workshop?

  • Click on the “Save My Spot” button 
  • Create your account in our hands-on labs
  • We will then keep in touch with you via email and give you live updates about the workshop
  • is where you can access your DevOps labs on the date of the workshop  

Still have questions?

What will happen in this workshop?

In this workshop, our coach, Rishi, will take you step-by-step to build DevOps CI/CD. Everything you build will be done in our cloud-based hands-on labs.   

Do I need additional software?

No additional software or tool downloads required. Access the labs on your internet browser! 

What will your free-labs have?

The hands-on DevOps Lab is a multi VM lab framework having a Jenkins, Controller Server, and an Application Server. Both the servers are preloaded with all the required software for you to build your Jenkins CICD pipeline. 

Will I get a certificate after completion?

All attendees get certificates from Nuvepro on the successful completion of this workshop! Don’t forget to drop in your right email address. 

Do I need to pay anything or use credit card?

Nope. You don’t need to pay anything nor bring along a credit card.

Have Fun and Get Certified

Complete the challenge using the free hands-on labs, get a certificate of completion and proudly display to your friends.