Auto Scaling & Load Balancing on AWS – Live Workshop with Challenge

90 minutes of unlimited and unstoppable hands-on experience with Auto Scaling & Load Balancing on AWS using Nuvepro free labs. Crack the challenge given at the end to collect your award!

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It's time to get Hands-On

Auto Scaling & Load Balancing on AWS and a Challenge that you’d love

Learn the basics of Auto Scaling & Load Balancing on AWS with your coach Arun Reddy on Saturday, 21st August 2021 | 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM IST

Build an auto scaling group using Nuvepro free labs. Get amazon voucher and a certificate for cracking the challenge announced at the end of the session!

    Arun Reddy Free Labs Nuvepro

    Arun Reddy, Head of Delivery and Operations at Nuvepro and your Masterclass coach for the evening

    Exciting lineup of agenda for the evening


    Duration (Mins)

    5:00 PM IST


    10 Mins

    Arun, your coach

    5:05 PM IST

    AWS Cloud Auto Scaling & load balancing

    20 Mins


    5:20 PM IST

    Hands-on challenge announcement

    20 Mins


    5:30 PM IST

    Free labs Demo

      20 Mins

      6:10 PM IST
      Q/A round
      20 Mins

      Vouchers and Certificate on Successful Completion

      On successful completion of the challenge in this live workshop, winners will be awarded with Amazon vouchers and certificates from Nuvepro. All the participants get a participant certificate too!

      Everything you need to know about the DevOps Freelabs

      About your coach - Arun Reddy

      Arun is the head of DevOps at Nuvepro with 17 years of experience.

      Arun is a tech leader with 17 years of experience with infrastructures like data centers and cloud. He is specialized in architect, designing, building and managing solutions through DevOps and SRE.

      Who is the Workshop For and pre-requisites?

      • System Administrators
      • Cloud Engineers
      • Cloud Solution Architects
      • DevOps Engineers

      How do I Register for the Workshop?

      • Click on the “Save My Spot” button.
      • Create your account in our hands-on labs.
      • We will be in touch with you via email and give you live updates on the workshop.

      Still have questions?

      What will happen in this workshop?

      In this workshop, our coach, Arun Reddy, will introduce you to Auto Scaling & Load Balancing on AWS. Everything you build will be done in Nuvepro free labs. 

      Where will this live workshop be?
      The session will be conducted on Zoom and the link will be shared on your email address.
      Is it a paid workshop?
      Nope. You don’t need to pay. It is a Nuvepro free labs live workshop- completely free!
      Am I eligible to attend the workshop/ join the challenge?

      Yes! All you need is a good internet connection and basic knowledge of AWS Cloud

      Do I need additional software?
      No. Nuvepro free labs with all the software and tools required are accessible via web browser. A good internet connection is sufficient.
      Will the session be recorded?
      No. We do not plan on recording the session. The challenge will be announced in the session and those who attend will be able to participate.
      Will there be just one winner for the challenge?
      No. The certificates and amazon voucher will be awarded to all the participants who successfully complete the challenge.

      Have Fun and Get Certified

      Complete the challenge using the free hands-on labs, get a certificate of completion and proudly display to your friends.