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We’re the hands-on guys

We believe in the power of technology and the intent of being hands-on to solve the most difficult challenges in the world. Welcome to the world’s best hands-on labs provider.

Nuvepro Hands-on Labs

The big paradox that we saw

Corporates need more talent each year and yet hiring is a major challenge. Academics and new-age EdTechs are producing more graduates and yet placement is a major challenge. Enterprises are spending millions on L&D, yet project fulfilment is a major challenge. This unending cycle of paradox continues unless the disconnect is understood.

There are graduates and even experienced talent in the industry with (arguably) good theoretical knowledge, but a very little real-world experience. Nor do they have unlimited access to cost-effective and latest technologies to practice.

In the end, we don’t have people who are hands-on, always.

Nuvepro Paradox min
Nuvepro Hands-On

Hands-on is our response

Inspired by the greats like Mahatma Gandhi to Mother Teresa to Steve Jobs to Sachin Tendulkar to Dr. Devi Shetty to Saalumarada Thimmakka, we believe in the power of being hands-on and practicing hard when we’re learning a new thing or gaining mastery.

To us, the disconnect is not a systemic issue, but a tech challenge. We are taking our technology passion to a new and unprecedented level by bridging the disconnect through our inspiration of being hands-on.

Our Hands-on Labs empowers any user with internet access to create a lab of choice in minutes and practice to heart’s content. Hands-on labs complements the theoretical knowledge and makes real-world learning possible.

When the learner wins, everyone wins, be it an educational institution, corporate, EdTech and eventually nations.

Hands-on winners change the world.

It’s not on if it’s not hands-on.

Our Mission

Accelerating workforce readiness through hands-on learning

Our Vision

Labs for Learning

To be the place where a learner would go to do hands-on learning

Labs in the flow of work

To be the place where a developer goes to learn, discover, and experiment in the flow of work

Hands-on learning marketplace

To be the place where an expert would deliver training by combining content with our labs. Our hands-on learning marketplace would connect trainers with learners.

To us, Hands-on is Practice Immersive Dynamic Engaging Real
and that's why we say "It's not on, if it's not hands-on"