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Nuvepro partners with Mentorskool to create a project-ready workforce

Partnership to provide access to projects in digital technologies, such as AI/ML, Data Analytics, Cloud and Cyber Security along with the hands-on labs 

Real-world projects, hands-on labs, and mentor support from industry practitioners are offered as a package


Bangalore, 10, March 2022: Nuvepro, the leader in Hands-On Learning, today announced that it partnered with Mentorskool, a specialist in project-based learning, to bring a unique combination of real-world projects and real-world labs that are aligned with the tech training goals. The projects and the hands-on labs aim to make the workforce project ready, enable them in career progression and improve their conversion rates on being certified.

As per various research reports businesses globally would need over 149 million digital tech talent by 2025. Specifically, skill such as Data Sciences, Cloud, Cyber Security, and AI/ML is going to be in high demand. IT Services, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Professional Services are leading the trend, but the demand is seen from all the industries. While most of the current training is theoretical, this partnership takes a learning-by-doing and mentor-driven approach to make the workforce ready for real-world projects.

Mentorskool has a rich repository of projects designed by practitioners from leading organizations. Tech learners from Corporate, EdTech and Educational Institutions can access these projects and solve them with the help of designated mentors. The learner-driven, projects-first, and mentor-guided approach puts the learners in the driving seat of projects from Day-1.

Amit Choudhary, Founder, of Mentorskool, said, “Mentor-driven learning is an under-explored area in tech training, and we are seeing great traction and results through this approach. The learners are learning faster and, importantly, relevant things that make them productive in their new projects. Our strategic partnership with Nuvepro would help us deliver the best experiential learning via ready-to-serve lab environments aligned to the goals of a learning program.”

Giridhar LV, CEO, Nuvepro, said, “The talent crunch for digital skills is mostly due to the non-availability of project-ready engineers. Mentorskool’s rich repository of digital projects and Nuvepro’s Hands-On labs immensely help learners in EdTech Organizations and Corporates to build a portfolio and demonstrate their skills. Solving a diverse set of real-world challenges and assessments makes the learners project-ready 75% faster compared to the theoretical learning approach.”

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About Nuvepro

Nuvepro accelerates digital workforce readiness through hands-on learning. We partner with EdTech organizations and Corporates to create a sustainable pool of ready-to-deploy talent in digital technologies. We do this through our Playgrounds with real-world environments, Projects with real-world problems, and Assessments with real-world scenarios. Nuvepro has over 1000+ digital labs and 200+ projects served over 200K+ learners and delivered over 2M+ lab hours.

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About Mentorskool

Mentorskool helps Corporate L&D teams/Educational Institutions deliver problems-first, learner-driven and mentor-guided learning experiences to their learners. Through our thoughtfully crafted experiential projects delivered along with embedded labs spanning Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Visualization, Data Sciences and Cloud, learners start experiments on the learning environment from Day 1. This promotes more active learning resulting in faster, more relevant and industry-aligned upskilling. Our gamified, scenario-based learning methodology has helped learning teams achieve improved engagement levels, shorter turnaround times in upskilling and data-driven insights to get in-depth visibility into the talent pool.


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