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Hands-On Labs for Trainers 

Build your personal brand with customized course design and hands-on labs alignment for a dynamic training program 

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As a trainer you are an expert in the course, however the course design and labs alignment in an engaging format is not always in your control. The learners listen to you, but have to move away from the platform to practice the theory that they’ve learned. Also, it is time to build a personal brand than depending solely on the online learning platforms. 

It's time to get Hands-On

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Build portfolio for a strong personal brand 

We understand that you need a one-stop platform to showcase the quality of training that your provide. It’s important your personal brand shows hands-on experience and measures the profitable outcome.  

Provide an end-to-end experience to your learners through our white-labelled platform

A complete learning experience has theory that the students learn from the trainers and then the hard practice done on real-world environments. Nuvepro hands-on labs enables you to design your course and leverage the labs for your learners to get hands-on practice. Hands-on labs give a measurable outcome for your training courses. The analytics give an insight into the user learning patterns and effectiveness is measured to best display the outcome of the training. Additionally, assessments can be added at course completion that shows an instant report.   

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Our biggest value to make your learning easier than ever before

Nuvepro Protect

Hands-on Labs aligned with course design

Nuvepro Protect

Single platform for practice and assessments

Nuvepro Protect

Latest labs built as per the course design

Nuvepro Protect

Assessments to test course completion

Nuvepro Protect

One-stop-shop for all technical learning needs

Nuvepro Protect

Ability to build user portfolios

Nuvepro Protect

Integration with LMS

Nuvepro Protect

Insights and analytics on user learning patterns and effectiveness

Nuvepro Protect

Build your personal brand with white-labelled offerings

Recommended Workflow

Here is our recommended workflow to make the best use of Hands-on labs for your programs


Nuvepro and Trainer identify the courses


Nuvepro studies the course content and aligns the Labs


Trainer can also align the course to a MOOC platform


User gets access to the course and the labs as a seamless solution


User practices on the labs


User gets a course completion certificate under the Trainer's brand

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