Hands-On Labs for Upskilling and re-skilling

Pre-configured labs with real-world environment for rapid upskilling and re-skilling

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Your employees might have access to great course content, but the complexity in setting up pre-configured labs based on the real-world environment requirements is complex. Even more is to align it with the labs with the course design. How do you improve the quality of skill upgrade?

It's time to get Hands-On

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Upskill and re-skill your workforce with real-world challenges and exposure

Nuvepro Hands-on-Labs provides access to labs ranging from programming languages to skill labs. From freshers to experts, the hands-on experience with labs prepares your team to take up real-world projects. The labs are customized based on the requirement to give your team a 360-degree learning experience. The labs are easily scalable and have no geographical constraint.

Configure any lab and align with your learning programs and objectives 

The ever-growing list of labs gives you the flexibility to choose and configure an environment of your choice to train your employees. The short courses for upskilling and re-skilling need rapid configuration and that’s exactly what Nuvepro hands-on labs offer you. Set it up in minutes and give the much-needed environment to your employees.

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Our biggest value to make your upskilling and re-skilling goals easier than every before

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Get employees certified and upgrade their skill level with ability to be placed on a real project

Nuvepro Protect

Rapidly upskill and reskill and make the employees billable in a range of projects

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Reduce the billing leakage and improve billing with current engagements

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Improve your company value and certified employees to win more projects

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Get access to hundreds of pre-configured environments

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Monitor the assessment session through proctoring

Recommended Workflow

Here is our recommended workflow to make the best use of Hands-on labs for upskilling and re-skilling


Company shortlists the labs required based on the upskilling and reskilling program and Nuvepro configures the labs as per the course design


Nuvepro builds in the monitoring and assessments into the platform and integrates integrates the platform with the internal LMS or any other HR systems


Engineers take the course at a prescribed duration and the hands-on labs will pop-up at appropriate places to prompt the Engineers for hands-on practice


Engineers will take assessments at the end of the course and Nuvepro records the submissions and evaluates it


Nuvepro sends the assessment details and the score directly to the LMS


Trainer will assess and issue certification and course completion score

Get a Demo

See the demo, listen to how your peers are effectively using this solution and then do a pilot. We will guide you through at each step on the way.