Hands-On Labs for Sandbox Setup

Set up the Sandbox environment in minutes with a technology configuration of your choice

Nuvepro Hands on Labs 17

We understand the complexity, time and cost in setting up and managing the real-world sandbox environment for development and testing or doing R&D. 

It's time to get Hands-On

Nuvepro Hands on Labs 22

Develop and test your products on real-world and production like environments

Nuvepro Hands-on Labs create an effortless way to build products on real-world configurations within a few minutes. It cuts down the time taken to set up and replicate a diverse and real-life sandbox. The fully automated platform creates and configures the sandbox within a few clicks. 

Significantly reduce the cost and risk of setting up a sandbox environment

We have over 750+ labs available and you can set up your combination with a few clicks. The visual and intelligent dashboards in the labs give full visibility into the usage of labs and dramatically reduce your cost. Testing and deploying in a real-world environment can be done without risk and with minimal expenditure.

Nuvepro Hands on Labs 15

Our biggest value to make your sandbox management easier than every before

Nuvepro Protect

Develop your products on real-world and production like environments

Nuvepro Protect

More accurate testing with little scope to failure in real environment

Nuvepro Protect

Experiment and try new features on pre-configured environments

Nuvepro Protect

Switch on and Switch off the environment based on your usage needs

Nuvepro Protect

Get full visibility into lab usage through visual and intelligent dashboards

Nuvepro Protect

Have full control on the cost incurred and the services used

Recommended Workflow

Here is our recommended workflow to make the best use of Hands-on labs for managing sandbox


Company and Nuvepro shortlist and design the sandboxes based on the technology area, market and future requirements


The environments can be setup according to specific teams in the Enterprise


Employees / Teams log in and access the sandbox environments assigned to them


The sandbox environments have time limits and / or spend limits assigned


Turn off the sandbox environment after the usage

Get a Demo

See the demo, listen to how your peers are effectively using this solution and then do a pilot. We will guide you through at each step on the way.