Hands-On Labs for K12 Education

Ready-to-use course design based on NEP recommendation for providing meaningful education to K-12 students

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The New Education Policy (NEP) is progressive and encourages children to start coding. However, it is challenging to get the infrastructure and talent to design and set up the labs that match the curriculum, fend off the competition from platforms that are seeking to become a replacement for teaching at schools and finally keep the labs up-to-date.

It's time to get Hands-On

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Ready-to-use course design and aligned hands-on labs based on NEP recommendations

Nuvepro hands-on labs provides you ready-to-use course design and associated labs for your students. The course designed with hands-on labs is accessible over internet browser from anywhere in the world. A proper infrastructure will ensure less drop outs in post covid scenario where many prefers homeschooling. The labs will be configured based on school content and the latest guidelines by NEP. 

Personalized learning with a dashboard to assess students’ performance 

Courses designed in labs give analytics into the student’s learning patterns and effectiveness. This helps the teacher to pay attention to students individually. Additionally, the labs can be used to conduct examinations with an instant mark awarded to the student.  

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Our biggest value to make your learning easier than ever before

Nuvepro Protect

Ready-to-use course design and aligned hands-on labs

Nuvepro Protect

Accessible over browser for remote learning

Nuvepro Protect

Pre-configured labs based on NEP recommendations

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Tracking learners' speed and progress

Nuvepro Protect

Detailed analytics of the dashboard

Nuvepro Protect

Structure the teaching according to the students’ needs

Recommended Workflow

Here is our recommended workflow to make the best use of Hands-on labs for your K12 program 


Nuvepro sets up the labs based on the NEP syllabus


Nuvepro and School will set up labs for students as per NEP recommendations


Students get to practice on the Hands-On labs aligned to the course


The school can conduct assessments in the platform

Get a Demo

See the demo, listen to how your peers are effectively using this solution and then do a pilot. We will guide you through at each step on the way.