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Hands-On Labs for Hiring

Improve the conversion rates by getting more qualified profiles

Longer recruitment cycles, additional bandwidth demands on recruiters, lower qualified profiles, and lower conversion rates hurting you and your business?

It's time to get Hands-On

Hire the best for your organization

 Hire the best pick for the organization by assessing the technical skills in a real-world environment that closely resembles the projects candidates will be working on.

Nuvepro Hands-on-Labs provides access to labs ranging from programming languages to skill labs. Labs are customized to create real-world assessments that best suits the technical work done in the organization. From freshers to experts, all can get hands-on to show their technical expertise.

Reduce onboarding time and accelerate billability

Candidates will be assessed in a lab environment where the projects closely resemble the needs of the organization and show the technical expertise of the candidates to get started. This means that the cleared candidates will be ready to deploy on projects.

Our biggest value to make your hiring management easier than every before

Nuvepro Protect

Shortlist profiles based on real-world assessment

Nuvepro Protect

Improvement in conversions as you get more qualified profiles

Nuvepro Protect

Integrate to a recruitment platform you are using

Nuvepro Protect

Assess the technical skills in a real-world environment that closely resembles the projects candidates will be working on

Nuvepro Protect

Assess objectively and hire the best

Nuvepro Protect

Monitor the assessment session through proctoring

Recommended Workflow

Here is our recommended workflow to make the best use of Hands-on labs for hiring


Company announces the profiles


Nuvepro sets up the assessment based on the profile requirement


Alternately, Nuvepro can integrate the Labs with any recruitment platform that the enterprise is using


The candidates take the assessment on Nuvepro Hands-On labs


Nuvepro shares the results and the shortlisted candidates


Company shortlists the candidates for further processing

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