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Hands-On Labs EdTechs

Increase in learner engagement with a blend of learning and hands-on practice on labs 

Nuvepro Hands on Labs 4

When the learning content is not integrated with the real-world hands-on labs, the learning engagement and experience drops rapidly. At times, the learner might not return.

It's time to get Hands-On

Nuvepro Hands on Labs 5

Increase the course completion rates and make learning more impactful

An innovative way of providing a simple cloud based hands-on labs to the learner increases the rate of completing the course. The learner gets hands-on practice on course based labs from theory to practicals. The practice done on the labs can also be saved in as the digital portfolio for future. This enhances the learner’s motivation towards building a robust portfolio and makes the learning meaningful. 

Seamless learning with hands-on practice. More engagement and additional revenue source

Learners will no longer be required to leave your platform for hands-on practice on the course taken. Hands-on labs can be integrated in your portal to provide fully functioning real-world environment to practice and assess the learner’s knowledge. A seamless learner journey will make your platform a one stop place for all the learning needs and can be a source of additional revenues and value. 

Nuvepro Hands on Labs 15

Our biggest value to make your learning easier than ever before

Molti Client Portal

Seamless integration of Hands-on Labs to deliver a unified learner experience

Molti Client Portal

Hands-on Labs set up as per the course design

Molti Client Portal

Additional revenue source with integrated labs

Molti Client Portal

Latest labs built as per the course design

Molti Client Portal

Assessments to test course completion

Molti Client Portal

One-stop-shop for all technical learning needs

Molti Client Portal

Ability to build user portfolios

Molti Client Portal

Integration with LMS

Molti Client Portal

Insights and analytics on user learning patterns and effectiveness

Recommended Workflow

Here is our recommended workflow to make the best use of Hands-on labs for your EdTech platform


User logs into your EdTech platform


Registers for course


Labs are aligned with the course and the button appears at the appropriate places


User practices on the labs without leaving the platform


User records the work and saves as a portfolio


When required, the assessments can be launched for certification

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